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Germany Lighting Overhaul

Germany Lighting Overhaul 1.02

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Germany Lighting Overhaul.jpg

What's this mod about?
Following up from the Color Palette Mod I made a while back, this mod alters the lighting in Germany to be more realistic, including
  • realistic color palette, brightness, contrast and saturation
  • new skymap for the midday setting
  • re-colored ground cover and distant terrain maps
  • tweaks to the environment map (improves the shinyness of cars), fog levels etc.
  • general lighting improvements

Which settings/conditions were tweaked?
  • Sunny/Midday
  • Morning/Cloudy
  • Morning/Overcast
  • Morning/Wet
8.jpg 1.jpg 13.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 12.jpg 11.jpg 10.jpg

Unfortunately, I forgot to make comparison shots this time, but I guess those of you who have played DR for a certain amount of time know how pitiful Germany used to look unmodded.


[1] There are 5 folders in this zipped archive - BACKUP, PICTURES, RESHADE, postprocess & tracks.

Extract the 'postprocess' and the 'tracks' folder to the main directory of DiRT Rally (by default [X]:\steam\steamapps\common\DiRT Rally) and replace/overwrite the existing files.

[2] Go to DiRT Rally\tracks\locations\germany\panzerplatte_rally_01

Inside this directory, you will find the 'route_x' folder that was extracted, amongst others, in step [1]. Copy all 4 files inside this folder (sky_day, sky_day_alt, terrain_lm_day & terrain_lm_wet.pssg) and paste them into the following 6 folders usually to be found directly above the 'route_x' folder:


Again, replace the existing files.

The 'route_x' folder can be deleted afterwards.

[3] Go to DiRT Rally\tracks\locations\germany\panzerplatte_rally_02

Repeat the same procedure from step [2] with the files of the 'route_x' folder found inside this directory, so just copy the files and paste them into the remaining 'route (0-5)'-folders accordingly. Replace any existing files.


Extract the contents of the 'RESHADE' folder (dxgi.dll, Reshade.fx & ReShade folder) inside this zipped archive to the main directory of DiRT Rally.

The Reshade framework provides additional color correction features (mainly sepia and gamma correction) at almost no additional performance cost. All credits for this tool go to crosire, the creator of ReShade. The pictures were taken with ReShade turned on.

Q: I want to upload this mod somewhere else, is this this possible?
A: Please contact me first!

Q: Are you going to improve the lighting of other locations as well?
A: Who knows, let's wait and see ;)

Q: Which tools did you use?
I used Fergo's BinXML editor for .xml files, the EGO PSSG Editor for the .pssg files and of course Photoshop and Paint.net for tweaking the textures. Screenshots were made with fraps and with the ReShade framework turned on.

Thanks to
Codemasters for making this awesome game

Latest updates

  1. Added missing 'route_x' folder. Sorry! Please re-download if you experience dark ground bug!

    as title says.
  2. Backup files corrected

    Discovered a small error in the backup files, should now be corrected!

Latest reviews

Gone is the "yellow" tint of the original and this makes it looks more realistic. 5/5
Upvote 0
great mod thank you
Upvote 0
Great! But will you optimize and update so the bug were the yellow look of the road that appears sometimes dissapear? Other then that, this is real nice!
Upvote 0
great work thx!!!!
Upvote 0
U rock, thanks!
Upvote 0
Great mod, but it does not make lower fps?
The major part of the mod that merely replaces textures and .xml files should have no impact on your fps, the optional reshade framework can cost between 1-3 fps depending on system and ingame situation.
Thanks for your review btw.!
Upvote 0
Thank you! Germany now looks much more realistic, highly recommended this to my friends on steam.
Thank you, great to hear! :)
Upvote 0
Would love for you to make this into a pack for all locations! They all seem to have a their own unique colourfilter or whatever it is. Like Wales is grey/greenish, Greece reddish.. etc. I respect the dev's art vision but I myself prefer neutral colours.
Build me a time machine and I'll do it ;)
Seriously, modding this way takes up huge amounts of time, so as much as I'd love to have a perfectly looking game myself, I'm afraid I won't be able to cover all locations...
Upvote 0
Brilant work. U are my master. Can i please u to make new lightinf for Sweden (afternoon/cloudy). I think this look like that

Thank you, will see what I can do :)
I haven't even driven Sweden yet because of (too much) modding ;)
Upvote 0
Excellent, exactly what I was looking for!
Perfect! :)
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