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Germany Realistic Color Mod 1.1

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What's this mod about?
This mod changes the color palette for Germany by largely removing the yellowish tint from the Clear/Midday condition as well as the slight red/purple hue from the Morning/Cloudy condition. Other locations are not affected.


1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg

Old Comparison
1 - Before.jpg

2 - After.jpg

// OPTION 1: JSGME // - for safe and easy installation and removal

1.Extract JSGME.exe and the 'MODS' folder to your Dirt Rally root directory

2.Start JSGME.exe and enable the 'Germany Realistic Color Mod' by clicking on the '>' button in the middle

If you'd like to uninstall the mod, simply deactivate it in JSGME via '<'


Extract the contents inside 'Mods/Germany Realistic Color Mod/' to your DiRT Rally root directory (namely the folders 'postprocess' and 'tracks'). Confirm overwrite when prompted, but don't forget to make backups beforehand!

1.0: Original Color Palette Mod
1.1: Small Improvements in color grading, tweaked skies

Latest updates

  1. Small Improvements

    Building upon the original Color Palette Mod I made some small tweaks to the color grading...

Latest reviews

Thanks, it was really amazing.

The legend is beautiful with the mod that removes the camera stain.
good job! can you change the greece realistic no more yellow?
Could you do this mod for the other stages as well pls?
Great improvement
Nice mod! And this is the first prepared for JSGME mod i have see in auto sim community!))
Love this mod. Brings "LIFE" to the sim. Outstanding work. thanks a lot. GOD BLESS.
Thank you for your kind words, glad you like it!
Incredible job! (>^^)> now waiting for the other locations to receive this treatment which is so necessary!
Thanks and sorry for the (very) late reply, haven't touched DR for quite some time now.
Personally, I think the other locations are quite well done actually from a visual point of view, maybe a bit dull compared to the new states in DiRT4, but certainly not completely off like Germany
Works well. Some stages might look a bit washed out in surrounding colours, but it's mostly due being used to the stock "yellow" filter.
Thanks for your review, much appreciated!
As for saturation, it's somewhat tricky to find the rightbalance between a washed out and a cartoony look. Personally, I prefer to go with slightly less intensity as too much mostly breaks the immersion. Plus, you can always add saturation/contrast etc. globally via SweetFX/Reshade!
Thanks for your work, it's a lot better with your modifications
good friend !!! still had not tried it, you're the genius of dirt rally
Thank you!
You man are a genius! This is EXACTLY what I've been suggesting in the Steam forums, even including a screenshot from exactly the same place: :-)
Haha, what a coincidence! :D
But as always, great minds think alike... ;)
Thanks for your review!
I think Germany looks much more real with this mod. Not yellow anymore! Awesome work!
Glad you like it, thanks for your review!
This mod couse Stuttering
I won't say it's impossible, but highly unlikely that there is frame loss from this particular mod. All I did was replacing one color palette dds file with another, which should make absolutely no difference frame-wise - at least I haven't noticed any change in performance while testing.

Anyway, thanks for your review.

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