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GEMFX with SweetFX v108 - GTR2 PRESET 2015-06-25

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Please note that this is for GTR2 (SimBin's FIA-GT 2003/04 simulation title).
I've uploaded to the Race'07 download section because there isn't a section for GTR2 in RaceDepartment.

You wish good old GTR2 had nicer graphics with PPE (post-process effects)?
...welcome friend, we all do, so get in the line back there.

GEM - Graphics Enhancement Mod is a new shader collection (GEM) and a new injector (GEMFX), implemented by LuciferHawk, which also utilizes the SweetFX shader stack (by

This is a full working package, with the default preset specifically tuned for GTR2, so that it is ready to go in the game.
It should work just as well (not tested) with other ISI based racing games of DX9 architecture, such as GT-Legends, rFactor, Race07, among others.


Please take a moment to read the instructions, notes, etc (the file in .PDF format) provided with the download.
Doing so takes 2 minutes and will avoid situations later with questions that have already been aproached in the document.


I'm aware that there's plenty room for improvement in this Preset.
It still needs less bright bloom, perhaps even less lens/dirt flares, and corrections for the warm colors (etc), but it's a good beggining.
The GEMFX-Configurator is there if you ever wish to change things, by experimenting and tweaking the settings yourself.

If you play with settings in the GEMFX Configurator and have reached good/better results, then I definitely recommend to share your preset.
There is a database for that in

Cheers! :)

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Latest reviews

the mod is absolutely amazing! but i have one only problem. The game gets locks in 30fps whit the mod active (F10 button) so can you help me whit this one? thanks.
1) Previously I had problems in uninstalling this, but now looks all normal. Used to don't work the original graphics configurator program
2) As is understandable, I don't like how this mod affects the graphics with theese settings: too much glows.
But, the menù looks like that could be fun for someone who knows how to customize theese filters.
But I'm not good at that so I need a setup that dramatically decrease the glows. Surely a bit of glows would looks good, but they must be very tiny and mostly the AA must be higher as possible
Amazing job. GTR2 got a new life with this improvment. Many and many thanks.
still works
This graphics mod is just awesome!
Thank you so much :)
Fantastic in Race07. Next step: the beloved GTR2.
Your mod made me reinstall GTR2.
That's how good it is.
With HD tracks, mods like Power & Glory, and your GEMFX settings, GTR2 is still competing with modern racers!

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