gatoLOCO - Savegame+Mods+Skin (all done) [Episode #27] 2017-10-19

Satsuma fully build and registered; suitcase at home - ready to go savegame

  1. gatoLOCOplays
    My savegame of my status after Episode 27 of my YouTube-Series!


    - Satsuma build up, tuned and registered
    - Station wagon and house of blackjack-man won
    - Suitcase found (it's at home) [rich af]
    - Kilju done and new brewing
    - Firewood loaded up
    - Sauna running
    Also including the mods "mobile phone", "grab anything" and "dynamite" - as well as my own Satsuma skin!

    mysummercar 2017-09-18 23-36-45-240.jpg mysummercar 2017-09-18 23-36-53-886.jpg
    All in all it is a nice ready-to-go savegame - the only thing that is not done is winning the rallye ;-)

    Check the readme for detailed information (also on how to install).

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Recent Reviews

  1. opelleon55
    Version: 2017-10-19
  2. hunterbelch
    Version: 2017-10-19
    do you own his house to or just his car
    1. gatoLOCOplays
      Author's Response
      Also his house
  3. Ruslan_msc
    Version: 2017-10-19
    Сохранение хороше
  4. fitzou420
    Version: 2017-10-19
    the file is unknown or damaged... please fix :)
    1. gatoLOCOplays
      Author's Response
      Works for me. When does the problem appear? At the point of downloading or when you extract it?
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