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GamesenseShiftlight 1.0.0

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Thanks to @Topuz here comes my Sidekick sub-mod, allowing your SteelSeries GameSense items to shine when you hit the RPMs!

Link to the demo video:

It is pretty easy to install since you just have to copy the content to your Sidekick folder ; it will replace the initial Sidekick script and give you a "backup" file in case you want to disable the GameSense effects.

It is pre-configured to use with MSI screens (such as MPG341CQR), but you can easily modify the initial scripts with the web generator included (see "create_your_own_event" folder under "gamesense_shiftlight").

This version is also a little upgrade to default Sidekick mod since it handles the "optimal shifting" in a different way: previously there was no visual difference between the optimal shifting time and hitting the limiter (yellow/red), now there is thanks to the green and dotted-green colors.

Version: 1.0.0 matches the Sidekick 1.11.1 version
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