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  1. Whalenap

    Krystaal Racing - Petronas McLaren 720S 1.0

    Hey there, This time we are on a concept livery with a fictitious team in silver gray and black colors. This skin relies heavily on the use of the airbrush, both for the gray / black limits and for the turquoise graphic effects as a reminder of the identity color of Petronas. This pack includes...
  2. L

    GamesenseShiftlight 1.0.0

    Thanks to @Topuz here comes my Sidekick sub-mod, allowing your SteelSeries GameSense items to shine when you hit the RPMs! Link to the demo video: It is pretty easy to install since you just have to copy the content to your Sidekick folder ; it will replace the initial Sidekick script and...
  3. J

    TeamSpeak Takes Over Sound

    Hello Everybody, I am relatively new to RD, and also relatively new to TeamSpeak. I have two issues that I'm hoping somebody can help with. I am running Windows 10, and using the SteelSeries Arctis 7 gaming headphones. So far I've experienced both issues on ACC, have yet to join TeamSpeak with...

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