Fuji International Speedway

Fuji International Speedway 0.0.9 Update 1

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Latest updates

  1. Smother surrondings , new ai line and pits ai BEta

    -smoother mountains -New ai line -new pit lane ai file is now uploaded was a ZIP If anyone...
  2. Beta 0.9.9 3d grass wip

    This update brings changes to : -New trees all around the track -physics mesh -3d surrondings...
  3. 0.9.5 Updated tarmac texture

    -Updated tarmac texture -new grass texture settings -tweked some objects shadows -tweaked...

Latest reviews

thank you.
I'm very grateful for all your work on this track. Finally, we have a usable, accurate version of the modern Fuji layout! (Btw, if anyone is having trouble with the AI line, kevink63 created a new AI line here on RD: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ai-for-fuji-speedway-2017.34148/)
Fantastic track, looks great.
Sometimes the AI do some weird things down the straight (like warming their tyres at 180+mph?), which can be frustrating, and the cone at T1 which is an immovable object is also very frustrating. I get it's like that to stop people cutting the corner, but the AI regularly crash into it and cause huge pileups
Really nice track, and awesome work done.

Top garino! Obrigado pelo excelente trabalho :)
Thanks !! finally all working !!
nice track in general! real life and sim :) the opponents are getting stuck in the pits? taking weird lines when leaving the pits. Spectators ... I would like to have a version with out them.
real nice work even the stuttering like the real one!
enhorabuena gran trabajo
Good job!. Is beautiful and fast.
I have to give 3 stars... AI is fast, performance is magnificent, looks very good... But some AI cars crash at the start of the race with the pit wall. Same when they are getting out the pit.
merci pour le travail emorme
The ai dont make a pitstop in the race.
They do go on racong even with only one liter fuel.
Good quality mod. The AI fastlane could be better but overall is a very nice improvement over the previous versions of this track.
Horrible stuttering.
Great updates to this track, well done!
good but why these straight mountains....?
great track
i confirm that no issue with the lastest version of 7zip (with the former, i had a bug)
Tiago Lima
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