Franciacorta Rallycross 0.5

mixes Supermoto with Rallycross into fun :)

  1. ReZ
    Next add-on track for you to enjoy.

    How to install :

    - backup you gfxgem.mix if you like to
    - unpack the DLC folder into your Ride2 folder
    - download latest version of gfxgem.mix (link below)
    Important note : always use the newest version of gfxgem.mix I provide, this will be a seperate download from now on, so i don't have to update all mods if I change or add something new to online mods.
    - overwrite old gfxgem.mix

    Bugs :
    - results in singleplayer do not work correct, but do in multiplayer :)
    - the AI is ...yeah just look and laugh

Recent Reviews

  1. senbei6
    Version: 0.5
    Good try the circuit is pretty decent I am the world number 1 in Ride2 Antoni Comalada. Thank you for your work in the game.