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Four Helmets 1.0


  1. BureX
    Hy, i made this four helmets...
    This is my first upload, so i am sorry if i made something wrong.
    I made this helmets by miself, they are not 100% right, because i don't really know to work in photoshop and i made them with...4 or 5 tools, so please understeand.

    The helmets replace gen 36,37,38,39
    the first helmet i made i Schumacher ferrari helmet from 99.


    The second helmet is from Stefan Bellof. He raced f1 in the middle 80 and was the only man who was faster then Senna on wet track with 150 bhm less powerful car.


    The third helmet is't my design. The designer is Lee Baker and the helmet is convesion from lfs. I loved this helmet so i made it.


    The fourth helmet is a conversion from f1 2011.
    Its Jean Eric Vergne-s helmet from Monaco 2012.

    I hope you like it. If anyone has a question, feel free to contact me. If someone can make the helmets better he can do it.
    I made the helmets with ML2166 helmet template(thanks for it).
    Sorry for my bad english.
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Recent Reviews

  1. tigerlima
    Version: 1.0
    Beautiful, great work!
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