Five helmets 1.0

2013 helmets

  1. BureX
    Hy. I made more helmets.
    First is the bell K1 helmet, that you can buy, so maybe someone has it and want to race with it, but to me looks good so i made it
    I tried to make it as real as possible.

    Second helmet is for all drivers from Croatia, hope you like it


    Next i have Hamilton helmet from Abu dhabi GP.
    I made it from these 5 pics that i saw, so im not 100% sure it is right, and the fin isnt 100% right because i use the template from this mod:

    the last two helmets are my design. I tried to combine two worlds...first red bull and monster, and then bell and schuberth. There are a red and gold/yellow version
    red version
    gold version

    I hope somebody like the helmets. It would be a big help if someone can make or show me how to make the airduckts on the top of the helmets. I dont know how to make thosse. Thanks
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Recent Reviews

  1. Richárd Gonda
    Richárd Gonda
    Version: 1.0
    All of them is beautiful I like the 2nd one best (I know its the real 2013 HAMILTON helmet)
  2. chargingcar
    Version: 2013-11-08
    A bit ropy looking