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Forest Rally: Stage 2 (fictional, scratch made, rally stage) 0.91

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I'm excited to announce the release my 4th custom level for AC, Forest Rally:Stage 2 (Previous work: Forest Rally, Lakeside and Alpine Rally). This is a challenging 12.2 km fictional rally stage in a European forest setting.

Special Notes:

Please read the included readme file for instructions on how to install and recommended settings.

I included a replacement for the default "smoke" dirt particle texture. The default dirt particle doesn't match the dark track surface.

I recommend running the AI @ 80% Strength, any higher and they act like kamikazes.

To simulate slippery dirt surface, I recommend setting "Track Surface" setting to "Dusty"

Ideal Time is 12:30 - 13:00 hours (12:30 - 1:00 PM) in a light fog setting.


- 12.2 km of challenging dirt road
- Custom scratch made course, exclusively for AC (not ported)
- Multi-player ready
- Fully functioning AI (very challenging)
- Custom track side cams set up for replays
- Compatible with many weather settings


Ingame Pics:

These screens were taken using the various, stock, weather settings.


Please note, this video is slightly outdated. Models/textures have since been changed.

Big thanks to CoisasDoFabio for his video !

A full length run through the course!


CoisasDoFabio - testing and video production.
Tino66 - testing

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Latest reviews

Awesome track, tested my Skoda 130 RS rally mod on this :) Had a lot of fun with it :)
Amazing, thank you!
AI does not work. They just end up standing there.
Will look into it, in all fairness tho, not really a course for more than 1 person, it's not wide enough.
Awesome! Now it's even better than DiRT Rally :D
Atmospheric and challenging stage, very well done, thank you!!
Very nicely done, one day we will destroy those cardboard cut out freaks!