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Steppe Rally (fictional, scratch made course) 0.91

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Just finished doing the final touches on my 5th custom, scratch made level for AC, Steppe Rally (previous levels: Lakeside, Alpine Rally, Forest Rally and Forest Rally:Stage 2). Steppe Rally is 10.4 km of technically challenging, hard packed dirt road in a large open steppe setting.



- 10.4 km of technically challenging hard packed dirt road in a large open steppe setting
- Custom scratch made course, exclusively for AC (not ported)
- Multi-player ready (3 player max)
- Fully functioning AI (set them to 80% difficulty)
- Custom track side cams set up for replays
- Compatible with all default weather settings



Rally Legends Mod - for letting me test out their amazing rally cars (coming very soon to public)
Tino66 - Testing


My previous AC levels :

Cheers !
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Latest reviews

One of a kind track! Fun! Unfortunally RSR Timing does not worke...track cut in the middle of the road. Its a bummer especialy for this track.
fantastic track ...combo Fiesta WRC
Very nice, thanks a lot!
Awesome rally track with nice atmosphere
Looks amazing, very fun and challenging. I love it! Keep up the good work man ! 5/5
Thanks for your work. Proper done scratch made stuff is always appreciated.

@ Miss Starfox: For AC and bumps have a look here

BTW Why are your shadows looking so flat?
Hmmm all of your tracks are really professional looking, but even when I boost the colors, they still look SO washed-out... It's almost like watching an old movie... Too bad... (;_;)
Another thing that happens on every track you made, the road are SO narrow! It's very difficult to drive...
Nice tracks, but for experts!
Edit : I tried the track a bit more... way, waaaaay too many bumps. I know it's supposed to be rally and all... but it's nearly impossible to drive...