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Flat6 Mod Rear Wing Update 1.0

Replaces the ugly oversized rear wing with the one from original mod.

  1. Barney68
    As it would appear the Flat6 mod is here to stay as the original mod team have made no real attempt at getting it taken down, I have replaced the horrible behemoth rear wing with the wing from the original rfactor mod.

    All credits to the Enduracers team for the original rfactor mod, and Franklin Stegink for the conversion to SCE. I take no credit for anything...this is the same file from the mod to show this great piece of work as it was intended.

    To install, extract the included file to your GameData\Vehicles\Flat6 GT3 2014\Flat6 GT3 2014 directory replacing as requested. (Take a back up of Flat6GT3_2014.mas first in case you wish to reinstate!)

    Apologies if this causes any concern or breaks any rules, I just thought I would share the update I did for myself.

    If I have broken any rules or made an error in judgement, I will gladly remove file.


    1. Flat6 RWing Comparison.jpg
    2. Flat6 RWing Comparison1.jpg
    3. Flat6 RWing Comparison2.jpg
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