Flat6 Mod Mobil 1 Supercup 2013 Additonal Skins 1.0

Additonal Flat6 Skins for 2013 Season Mobil 1 Supercup

  1. Barney68
    As it would appear the Flat6 mod is here to stay as the original mod team have made no real attempt at getting it taken down, here are additional skins from the original rfactor mod.

    12 Teams, 25 Drivers from the 2013 Mobil 1 Supercup Season

    To install, extract the included file to your GameData\Vehicles\Flat6 GT3 2014\Flat6 GT3 2014 directory. They will not replace any files already there :)

    There may be some duplication of cars from Franklins chosen stable but they will create separate class entries to run a separate field. They will also be Realfeel file friendly creating a single entry!

    All credits to the Enduracers team and their respective painters for the original rfactor mod, and Franklin Stegink for the conversion to SCE. I take no credit for anything...all I have done is spent some time compiling the original files and editing the .veh files to make them fit!

    As you may notice from in game screenshots there are more to come!

    Apologies if this causes any concern or breaks any rules, I just thought I would share the update I did for myself. If I have broken any rules or made an error in judgement, I will gladly remove file.


    1. Flat6 SC13.jpg
    2. GSC 2015-09-28 22-29-34-00.jpg
    3. GSC 2015-09-28 22-29-14-25.jpg
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