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Fix Sounds for URD_EGT & driver3d.ini AC v1.0 rc 2014-10-17

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I made those changes untill URD provides an update

ferruccio & ferruccio2 == Ferrari 458 GT2
Venom & Venom2 == Lotus evora gx
Bayro == BMW Z4 GT3
Darche == McLaren MP412c GT3
Arthur Merlin == lotus_exige_240_s3
Corvette c6r == Shelby 427 SC

unrar to \Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars


Latest reviews

Thank you, very nice :)
Should be said , doesnt work on latest AC version!
Thank you :)
FOUND IT! Thanks v much.
thank you so very much
Oh! I really appreciate this mod! The sounds are truly awesome....
Very nice work! Tnx a lot!!!
Thanks !
Thanks !!!
Thank you! Tino66:)
thanks for this. Im been spending the last few hours trying to actually open to the bank files but you got there first.
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