Fictitious AI Going Wide Series 1.1

ai going off-track in all circuits

  1. Winner
    This mod is made upon request and is the opposite of my "fix ai repetitive going off-track" mod. Please note that this is not realistic and only for those who like to have some fun to have ai going off-track in all circuits at some corners.
    Make backup and replace files accordingly.

    You may adjust the value of the parameter as shown below in red in ai_vehicle_config.xml. The higher the value, the harder for ai to stay on-track and vise versa. A value of 1.0 is the default, i.e. no change for that circuit.
    eg for texas
    <vehicle_type name="texas">
    <laDistMin float="11.000000" />
    <trackGlobalCurvatureModifier float="1.1" />

Recent Reviews

  1. Richárd Gonda
    Richárd Gonda
    Version: 1.1
    Also reverse team performance Chilton Bianchi 2nd 3rd Red Bull McLaren MERCEDES out of points.
  2. chianamik
    Version: 1.1
  3. marcus123
    Version: 2014-04-17
    Fun !