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Fictional Gen Track 1 0.51

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Latest reviews

Drove this track before. Now the texture is bad. No grass everything is like snow lol I love this track please see if you can update this track for 1.4. Much Obliged :)
Great track! If you haven't downloaded this one already, you're missing out!
Love it !
Great job, other track please
Lots of fun on this track. 30 minutes lapping and enjoying those differents; elevation changes, turns and chicane. Lotus Eleven is pure fun on this one. Drifting on tight curve, getting loose on high speed ones. Blast to drive. Thank you for this excellent configuration. Hope you will add Cam and AI
Very good job , fantasy track that feels totally real, very nice layout.
Nice! Please add time measurement... tnx! ;)
This track is my new favorite! Great job! Thanks Man!
Spectators and some buildings with a bit more accureate tarmac textures should added too.
very good layout.