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Fictional BMW Sauber

Fictional BMW Sauber 1.6

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Latest updates

  1. Specocc

    Added: -Specocc file by "Wilmer Chavez"
  2. Few Changes

    Thanks for "chargingcar" for the HD wheel, "ML2166" for the 3D car models and every one who gave...
  3. Low Texture and Garage

    Added: -Low texture (other drivers will also use BMW skin, instead of sauber) -Garage...

Latest reviews

i haven't try the livery but i want to do a question. How do you do the livery?
Awesome ! Would love to have garages and carrer standings pic of this car + the name Sauber BMW.
doesn't work for me. The skin is buged
Wonderful, keep up the good work!!!
Nice job ;)
Very nice indeed!
Great looking skin:)
Looks very nice. Good Job!
This fantasy skin is really beautiful !
File size
15.9 MB
First release
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User rating
4.62 star(s) 13 ratings

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