Ferrari F2002

Ferrari F2002 1.4

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It is with great honour that we bring you the Ferrari F2002 for Assetto Corsa.

This legendary car, created by Rory Bryne and Paolo Martinelli, embodies the early 2000's of F1 with a record 94% win rate in the 2002 season. This shear domination was lead by none other than Michael Schumacher, then four time WDC and soon to be five time World Champion. Paired with Schumacher, Rubens Barrichello gave his teammate a strong challenge over the season, even allowing for the clear driver strategy employed by Ferrari at the time, culminating on the last lap of the Austrian Grand Prix.

Driven to perfection by all of the team, we hope you enjoy the supreme amount of effort and detail that has gone into this work.

  • SalamanderSoldier - 3D Artist/Textures Manager
  • burrito - Physics Creator
  • misterbeam - Physics Creator
  • Ferrari64 - Sound Designer
  • btk150 - 2D Artist/Driver Animation
  • TheJlfan - 2D Artist
  • SimonTek - 2D Artist

Interactive 3D View of the car (click first image):






Latest updates

  1. 1.4 Update

    Graphics Mod now uses Kunos supplied driver_no_HANS Updated driver animations to reflect above...
  2. Update 1.3.5

    Physics Reworked suspension (softer ARBs and spring rates) Slight changes to the aeromap/...
  3. Update 1.3

    Graphics Added Pit Light Fixed Driver Head Clipping Physics TMV10 (New FFB, Tyre Radius...

Latest reviews

Awesome !
superb car physic please SHR MODDING make a Great sound for this Historic Car
The car and liveries are great, the screaming V10 too, just one slight problem, as soon as you go bellow 11,000 rpm the engine sound seems to be idling
whats up with the sound? as soon as you lift the car is dead quiet then its screaming in your ears once you get back into the throttle.
I've looked for a fix everywhere cannot find one, if/when I can fix what I assume is an audio problem, this mod will get 5 stars
It's so good. Awesome. Thank you.
little video of this mod. Sorry for the quality, using hd 7770 gpu :(
4 stars because this mod is absolutely incredible! i do have a BIG complaint though... the steering and FFB is incredibly light and i can barely feel the grip levels. is it something im doing wrong? i have re installed the mod but its still the same
good mod
Good fun, nice job
Awesome mod, thank you :)
Excellent work, so cool to have a 2002 formula one race with this great car!
Fantastic detail and texturing w/ 8K pack. Handling is very good if not spectacular. 4 stars because the sounds put me off. I know it's a small thing for a sim, but compared to the Kunos F2004 it needs work.
This is amazing! Top notch quality.
Masterful car. Truly deserved the mod of the year.Amazing work.I recommend it to everyone.
Awesome! Amazing job, guys!
well made!
Great job!
0k Gracias
fisicas y sonido excelentes
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61.6 MB
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4.90 star(s) 244 ratings

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