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FFB with additional tarmac vibration and revs effect 1.0

Improved FFB on tarmac stages...

  1. Frank25
    FFB with additional tarmac vibration and revs effect 1.0

    - additional tarmac vibration because the standard FFB is too dead on the tarmac stages of the Rally Germany and Monte Carlo.
    - revs effect at the start and when the car is standing still during a stage (has no effect when the car is moving)

    Installation: copy the folder "forcefeedback" to your "Dirt Rally" game folder and enjoy

    A backup of the original FFB file of Dirt Rally 1.03 is in the folder "forcefeedback/backup_original file 1.03".
    In the folder "FFB setup for Logitech G25" are pictures of the FFB setup, that I use with my Logitech G25.

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Recent Reviews

  1. wintec
    Version: 1.0
    Good improvement.
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