Fenice Milano 500SS (Abarth 500 EsseEsse) 1.3.2

I took inspiration from "Fenice Milano 500C La Dolce Vita". A Fiat 500C mod with gold & diamonds!

  1. Patcha
    Hi all!
    I wanna share my new huge work on an Abarth 500 EsseEsse!

    I must admit I faced it much more like a challenge than a real hope for the final result to be a good one.
    But I think at the end it's not such bad! A bit kitsch, but looks very well in the game!

    I took inspiration from "Fenice Milano 500C La Dolce Vita".
    Which is a modded Fiat 500C with gold, diamonds and luxury wooden!

    Obviously I couldn't make it identical, 'cause I can't modify 3D model.
    And an Abarth 500 Essesse is much more different than a Fiat 500C than you expect!
    Also Fenice Milano renewed the whole dashboard, and I couldn't.

    So it can only be a mere inspiration... and maybe it's better like that, 'cause the Abarth looks more sporty!
    And now I introduce you to my "Fenice Milano 500SS". :)

    VERSION 1.0 (December 6, 2013)
    - New car livery inspired from real deluxe custom car.
    - LOT of custom details in here: almost 40 different texture files customized.

    VERSION 1.1 (January, 29 2015):
    - New driver's suit, helmet and gloves. Compatible with AC 1.0.2.

    VERSION 1.2 (November, 13 2015):
    - New back plate. Compatible with AC 1.3.

    VERSION 1.3 (April 21, 2016)
    - New driver's suit and gloves. Compatible with new AC 1.5 driver model.
    - Skin rebuilded using official Kunos template layers (it was originally from 100% "homemade" templates).
    - Some "missing in action" details restored. They were lost 'cause Kunos deprecated a texture which contained them originally.
    (i.e.: Fenice symbols on doors' upright, golden details on front spoiler and white mirrors.)
    - New color for external plastic, aligned with Kunos official skins.
    - New back plate normal mapping.
    - New normal mapping effects on various logos.
    FIX 1.3.1 (April 23, 2016)
    - I forgot a further texture file to make gloves and suit whiter. Sorry.

    VERSION 1.3.2 (June 14, 2016)
    - Better metal reflexes on car body
    - Better tissue reflexes on crew's suits
    - New preview images, created with official Kunos tool

    Unzip the file in "Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\abarth500\skins" where "Steam" is Steam's installation folder.
    If you want skins for Abarth 500 S1 too, also unzip it in the folder "Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\abarth500_s1\skins".
    In both cases it should create a new folder called "fenice_milano".






    The real one:



    1. 1.FenicePreview.jpg
    2. 3.FeniceShow34.jpg
    3. 4.FeniceComing.jpg
    4. 5.FeniceEnter.jpg
    5. 6.FeniceShow34B.jpg
    6. 7.FeniceFront.jpg
    7. 8.FeniceIndu34.jpg
    8. 10.FeniceToDrive.jpg
    9. 11.FeniceS1Hang.jpg
    10. 12.FeniceS1Ready.jpg
    11. Fencie_BackPalte_NorMap.jpg
    12. Fenice_MissingAreBack.jpg
    13. Fenice_NewGloves15.jpg
    14. FeniceNewBPlate.jpg
    15. preview_original.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Lily Starfox
    Lily Starfox
    Version: 1.3
    The most classy skin for this car. :)
    1. Patcha
      Author's Response
      I'm glad you like it. :)
  2. antonn
    Version: 1.2
    subtle, very well done, I want the same for my wife, thank you.
    1. Patcha
      Author's Response
      The real one is a bit expensive. :)
  3. Andy Kettler
    Andy Kettler
    Version: 2013-12-06
    Great work..!
    1. Patcha
      Author's Response
      Thank you!