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Ferrari F138 - Patcha Pack

Ferrari F138 - Patcha Pack 1.2.5

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Hi all!
I show you my Ferrari F138 Patcha Pack!

At first I just wanted the vintage Ferrari livery I like the most (Red with Black wings): they use too much white nowadays in my opinion.
But after I had to do my own template myself, I decided to exploit it for more skins.

With patch 1.2 I optimized much more my template and wanted to mix a bit more historic and modern, adding some historical colors.

- La Rossa: (en: The Red) It's the vintage Ferrari livery I was talking about. Red body with black wings and golden rims.

- La Nera: (en: The Black) the second livery I like the most in the F1 history is the John Player Special.
Black with gold stripes. It has something so classy and elegant, while sporty. It is really fascinating.
And seeing that I already did Ferrari liveries on Lotus cars, why not doing also the contrary?
And so here a classic Lotus livery on this Ferrari. :)

- Carbon: well, as soon as I noticed that the car is naked carbon under livery, it was clear I should do that.
But the carbon on body has the same issue than Ferrari LaFerrari: no reliable carbon reflexes.
Seeing that Kunos almost never use normal mapping on cars, I adopted same solution than LaFerrari: I modified the reflexes map file to make mixed reflexes on carbon parts.

- Carbon & Gold: as you can easily imagine, this livery is a mix of La Nera golden stripes and rims on Carbon base body.

- Mr White: added in v.1.1, by strong request, this skin is simply full white.
Suit, gloves and crew stuffs are on white theme, too... obiviously.

- Blue NART: added in v.1.2, only once in Ferrari F1 history cars adopted an official different color.
It was in USA races of 1964. Cars adopted white and blue NART (Nord American Racing Team) colors, 'cause Enzo Ferrari quarreled with Federation.
Nord American Racing Team is a team wanted by American Ferrari importer.

- Belgian Yellow: added in v.1.2, the only other Ferrari F1 cars which didn't race with official red, where for some years Ferrari driven by Belgian drivers into Belgian GP.
That was just to make Belgian importer happy, so they could adopt Belgian Race Yellow color.

- British Green: added in v.1.2, obviously a Ferrari F1 never adopted British Race Green, but it's a nice color... so I just wanted to put it anyway.

- Silver: added in v.1.2, actually I made the silver one only for test purposes... but at the end I decided to let it remain inside the pack. :)

VERSION 1.0 (September 16, 2016)
- 4 new skins.
- Black and gold new suits, helmet, gloves and crew stuffs for La Nera and Carbon & Gold skins.
- Golden rims for all skins, except naked Carbon.
- New carbon shadows and reflexes on carbon parts.

VERSION 1.1 (September 23, 2016)
- 1 new skin full white.
- White themed new suits, helmet, gloves and crew stuffs.

VERSION 1.2 (November 02, 2016)
- 4 new skin with historical colors.
- Historical colors themed new suits, helmet, gloves and crew stuffs.
- Better antialiased border between liveries color and carbon parts.
- Redraw suits, helmet, gloves and crew stuffs for all old "non-red" skins with new templates.

VERSION 1.2.5 (November 29, 2016)
- Now all skins, also from 1.0 and 1.1 versions, have race numbers and sponsors, with related colors.
- Revamped base templates.
-- Remade shadows level (and reflexes shadows), automatically generated, significantly smoother.
-- More defined sponsor logos and writings.
-- Significantly more polished skins and logos.
(Most differences are noticeable on White and Silver skins.)

Due to harsh FOM pression to Kunos for licensing, I must totally FORBID you all to SHARE any template for F138 created starting from my skins!
My skins have particularities from which I can recognize them, don't try to trick me.
You can still use my skins to create your own. But please, if you do, give me credits in a text or a readme file, where you say you used my works to make your own, thank you!

Unzip the file in "Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\ks_ferrari_f138\skins" where "Steam" is Steam's installation folder.
It should create 9 folders named:
- "belgian_yellow_p"
- "blue_nart_p"
- "british_green_p"
- "carbon_gold_p"
- "carbon_p"
- "la_nera_p"
- "la_rossa_p"
- "mr_white_p"
- "silver_p"


(Video contains also original Kunos skins.)

(Video race version: same race, but with onboard first and TV camera after.)

(click here to see liveries in huge size!)














(Video for 1.0: it contains only first 4 original skins.)

(Video for 1.1 & 1.2: it doesn't contain first 4 original skins.)

Latest updates

  1. Revamped shadows and logos everywhere

    VERSION 1.2.5 (November 29, 2016) - Now all skins, also from 1.0 and 1.1 versions, have race...
  2. History Colors

    VERSION 1.2 (November 02, 2016) - 4 new skin with historical colors. - Historical colors themed...
  3. New full white skin

    VERSION 1.1 - 1 new skin full white - White themed new suits, helmet, gloves and crew stuffs. -...

Latest reviews

Thank you!
Thank you very much for sharing, Gracias
You're welcome! And thank you for rating! ;)
love it !
Thank you!
Great Job. Finally some skins for the F138
Thank you!
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