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Faster AI for all tracks 1.0

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Kunos makes the ai about 10% slower than they could be. This mod solves this "problem".
Note: If the ai can't handle the 10% plus, you can change the value in the ai_hints.ini file down to 1.0.
Don't blame me if the mod does not work, it should work on every Kunos track, I can't confirm all mod tracks.
This mod needs an ai-line to work!

If there already is an ai_hints.ini file, don't replace it.
Do as follow:

Please note that the screenshots are obsolete but still explain the point
This is the original file:
Screenshot (117).png

The [Hint_X] is the chronology in which the hints are used, just use 0,1,2,3,... .
The START=XXX is the coordinate from where on the track where the mod works, The END=XXX is to where it works.
The VALUE=XXX is how much faster the AI shall drive (0=0%; 1=100%; 0.5=50%).
Now fill in the values from this mod in here and change the values like in the picture.
Screenshot (119).png
If you want you can fiddle with the values, but never exceed 1.1 as it is the maximum the AI can handle.

If someone can explain the matter better, please write a better explanation in the Support section.

If you have problems, let me know in the support-section so I can improve it if possible.

Check out my other mods as well: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/authors/ltcars.247335/
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Latest reviews

Many thanks for the hint! it definitely changes something, but on the nordschleife endurance layout i still cant get the AI fast enough. if i put the overall over 1.0, then half of the field crashes in hotspots like adenauer forst, i worked against it by cutting them down in some sections, but i never manage to get gt3 AIs faster than 8:30 on the 24h layout. Its not really fun if you are always 15 seconds faster per lap. Anyone got an idea? i didnt find any mods that generally improve AI capabilities.
10 stars! Suddenly AC got 100% better! Thank you so much!
Can you believe it's AI?
(1.3 for Hong track)
tank's so much man!
Many thanks! \o
Simple and very effective tweak. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!
Amazing work!!finally we can adjust ai,thanks!!
Download it. I believe Your work is amazing on ai. Thank You my friend.
Thank you very much, appreciate it!
5 fat stars just for the hint.
This kind of contents makes AC even more enjoyable!