fairracing - minimum stoppage time for driver swaps


  1. hotfix for app crashes


    this is a small update to fix the crashes with last build.

    Please give some feedback.
  2. Update fixing a few bugs

    Hi guys,

    this is the latest update of the software. Please try the new version and give some feedback. Feel free to contact me for any questions.

  3. important update - use correct drivernames after driverswaps

    -> fixed the annoying bug that causes problems starting the tool. there were to ways to get a connection. either you startet the tool after the dedi or the tool became active when the first driver joined.
    this is fixed now! just start fairracing whenever you want. now it tells you more reliable if everything is ok.

    -> NEW: Drivers.XML: added a new function that publishes the driver names via ingame chat. the following apps will support the name changes:...
  4. some important improvements, corrected python app

    here´s another update for the tool. please use this one from now on.

    i´ve created a tutorial video how to use it correctly.

  5. added fairracing app for AC to create pit entry and exit points


    I´ve repacked the latest version and added the fairracing app for AC for admins to create the pit entry and exit points.

    Hope you enjoy.

    If you have any problems with the tool or app let me know and we try together to fix it.
  6. Important update - this version will work very well

    hi racing fans,

    I´ve updated the tool and found a few mistakes. So first I want to say sorry that the tool wasn´t running on a few machines. I hope this is sorted out for now.

    Additionally you can now run the tool on another pc than the dedi running one. So this is interesting for all linux users.

    Besides that the tool now supports the possibility to activate a minimum time for all drivers (not only the teams making a swap). With that you can simulate series like adac gt masters or...
  7. important update to improove overall experience

    - improved the GUI implementation (fixed a problem when tool freezed)
    - introduced of a log file, you can find it in the folder .\logs
    - optimized the tolerance for more reliable detection of pit- entry/exit
    - improved the of log- screen messages
    - removed the function to kick a car when it hasn´t served a penalty, now it is logged for after- race decision
    - improved ingame messages
    - changed behaviour of the chat sending function to get better performance
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  8. introduced GUI and fixed bugs

    here´s another update for the tool.

    - added a small gui
    - increased tolerance for recognizing pit entry and exit points
    - improved messages for drivers
    - fixed bugs appearing after session changes

    have fun with it and feel free to contact me.

    I know there could be some problems, so report them and we will try to fix them that we get out the best for assetto corsa.
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