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fairracing - minimum stoppage time for driver swaps

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Hi guys,

welcome to the fairracing server plugin. It's a server plugin for endurance racing.
With this tool i want to give you a way to keep fair racing during driver swaps. Assetto Corsa supports just a simple function leaving and joining the server.
A joined driver can leave the pits instantly after he has completed loading with full fuel and fresh tires. users with faster pc´s have an advantage.
Another problem persists with drivers pitting without a driver swap. It´s possible that a driver is faster with rejoining than doing a full service (full fuel and fresh tires).

What does this tool?
When a driver enters the pitlane the tool starts a timer. If the driver now leaves the server the minimum stopage time becomes active.
Now the next driver joins the server and gets a countdown via ingame chat. When the countdown expires, the driver can leave the pitlane.
If a driver leaves the pit too early, the team gets a penalty. The duration of this is variable. It´s the sum of the drive- through time plus the time he left the pitlane too early.
So the net penalty is a drive through. A team has three laps to serve the penalty. If it is not served within this amount of laps the tool will kick the driver.

For more details read the readme.txt included in the package.

This is the first release and my first softwareproject in general. If you have questions or problems feel free to contact me.

Have fun with it!

Latest updates

  1. small bugfix and documentation added

    After an absense of nearly one year i decided to take a look at this project again. changes: -...
  2. fairracing is now ACEndurance

    Hi Endurance-Fans, in the last couple of weeks i rewrote the fairracing app in python and...
  3. hotfix for app crashes

    Hi, this is a small update to fix the crashes with last build. Please give some feedback.

Latest reviews

tnx mate,.. our group is going to love this,.. if people wanna join check srhi.eu ;) discord link is in the about section ;)
Works great, but if it's a normal pitstop, without change driver, maybe the signal of drive thought in x laps should not appear.... Gallow24, if you can share the code in github i would like to try to help with it. I'm just a informatic student, but know about c and c++. Maybe you can do a check that if the id of the guy exiting pitlane, is the same that entered on pitlane, message is not displayed and no kicked out of the race (3 laps advertise) . If the driver id has changed, then message should appear if time not exceded.
Hi Juan,
in the last two weeks i´ve reworked the tool completely and decided to change to python instead of c# to make the tool also available for linux. I will release a first version in the next couple of days and the source will be available on gitlab.
Any way to make this work with a Linux based server? Works well on a privately hosted server but not on a Linux server our league hosts
You can try Mono for Linux. Fairracing is based on NET framework, so this could work but it is not tested.
App closes in 5/10 seconds after server connection, any idea or idea about this issue?
Increible aplicacion y funcionando a la primera ,de verdad muchas gracias,esto es lo que hacia falta para disfrutar de una Endurance yes yes yes
La aplicación es buena, pero la nueva versión se cierra sola al activarla. Probado en 2 pcs.
Great job but there is no readme.txt in the package.
Talk you, I will fix this when I'm back home.
Also forgot the python app for admins.
Sorry for that.
....ist eine super Sache für AC, echt Klasse. DANKE
Danke für die Rückmeldung. Freut mich, dass meine Idee Anklang in der Community findet.

Leider habe ich noch ein paar Probleme mit den Threads, sodass das Tool nicht reagiert, wenn kein Auto auf dem Server ist. Das werde ich in den kommenden Tagen versuchen zu beheben. Bis dahin kann das Tool normal genutzt werden, "keine Rückmeldung" kann erstmal ignoriert werden.
Thank you..this is a great step for AC
Interesting for our 24H team races on the schwarzbierbude.
We will test it.
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