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F1 Mania 2021 Skinpack

F1 Mania 2021 Skinpack 1.6.1

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sorry! alphatauri with honda farewell now
Whats New?

Red Bull: Farewell Honda livery added (sorry if doesn't look like as the real one);
McLaren: Added "A Better Tomorrow" decal and "Huski Wear" on rear wing;
AlphaTauri: "Thank you" text in japanese added.
Farewell Honda.jpg

MCL35m T.jpg
Thank You Honda.jpg
McLaren- Added OXXO and splunk on the halo;
Red Bull- Changed color, with an matte texture, T-Cam has real colours now;
Mercedes- Petronas logo is back, removing the Syntium one;
Aston Martin- Added "Honey Ryder" sticker on Seb's car;

The currents teams has matte texture:
Red Bull

Only Aston Martin, Mercedes and Alfa Romeo has glossy colours.

mcl35m russia.JPG
new rb16b.jpg
w12 russia.JPG

honey ryder.JPG
Actually, this is a really minor update, i put the Petronas Syntium on Mercedes, i just can't do the Monza Alfa, really sorry for that.
Petronas Syntium Merc.jpg
hey guys, this is a small update, i puted "velo.com" and "sikkens solutions" on mclaren halo and added realistic rims for all teams, hope u all like it.
Mcl Halo.jpg
Aston Rim.jpg
what's up guys, how are you all? hope you're all good, today, i'm posting the newest update of the skinpack, which now will have driver and pit crew suits by @enkay74, a massive thanks to ekay to allow me use his mod to the skinpack!

I updated McLaren livery, putted a darker blue on Alpha Tauri and also a darker red on Alfa Romeo, and we have an optional Kubica's Alfa Romeo, with the helmet of @JSoria(thanks soria!)
Kubica Alfa.jpg
McLaren Zandvoort.jpg
Darker AlphaTauri.jpg
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hey guys, in this update i bring you the update from McLaren for the Belgium GP, if you see something new in other teams cars please say to me and i will se if can be added on the skinpack, cheers.


  • McLaren Belgium.jpg
    McLaren Belgium.jpg
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i updated the RB16B colour, andd i think it's better.


  • new rb16b.jpg
    new rb16b.jpg
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Hey guys, raph here, releasing the first update for that skinpack, this update contains a Non MW(Mission Winnow) Ferrari, which is optional, and the Honda E Technology logo for Red Bull RB16B, i will continue this mod, but can't put some things like TeamViewer on merc, because the mod is limited and will stay mirrored, and i haven't found any solution for that.


  • RBR Updated.jpg
    RBR Updated.jpg
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  • Non MW Ferrari.jpg
    Non MW Ferrari.jpg
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