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F1 Mania 2021 Skinpack

F1 Mania 2021 Skinpack 1.7

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Hey guys, hope you all be okay, today i present you a skinpack(more a remake) for the amazing free mod of F1 Mania ru, which you can install HERE, in this skinpack we have the helmets of @JSoria, i don't know if i'm going to do an update, but, let's see while the season happens. (really sorry about the McLaren front wing and Red Bull color, i can't find a better color and the Mcl front wing doesn't work properly)
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Latest updates

  1. US GP Weekend

    - Specs updated to the US GP: - AlphaTauri with Acura logo on the rear wing (not added to Red...
  2. AlphaTauri Japanese added

    sorry! alphatauri with honda farewell now
  3. Turkish GP

    Whats New? Red Bull: Farewell Honda livery added (sorry if doesn't look like as the real one)...

Latest reviews

you forgot to upload the alphatauri japanese skin, this is old one but very nice pack thanks
sorry! posting now.
I was mainly searching for the Turkish GP Red Bull Skin and I do like it but I do prefer a more accurate version because some parts that are black are white and that was one of the main things that I liked about the white livery so if you would maybe fix up those parts i would gladly appreciate it.
sorry, isnt possible in this mod. ;/
Nice one mate im searching this kinda skin for this mod for so long,nice job
Skin doesn't appear, only appears as carbon fibre. Any fix?
wow, that's new, really sorry for the late response, send it on discussion page with more details, want to help u.
thanks man very nice! i really like the shiny look of it
Hello, thank you for dedicating yourself to this mod ..... I have two requests please .... that the color of the rims are the same as the real ones and the color of ferrari mclaren red bull and alpine and I don't remember which ones are matte but in this mod the paint shines too much .... do you know how to change the type of paint?
I could change the color of the rims with the cm showroom but I don't know how to do the matte paint .... thank you ... greetings
Loving this!
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