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F1 2021 Scuderia Ferrari SF16-H (only car livery)

F1 2021 Scuderia Ferrari SF16-H (only car livery) 1.0

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Hello Guys. Im back with my first Livery Mod for the 2021 Game. Its the Scuderia Ferrrari 2016 Livery. (only car). TBH i planned to upload it in 2020s game but forgot it. The 2021 fom cars are the same so i decied to upload it now for the new game :)

-at first you need ego erp archiver!
-go to settings , set direction and choose the folder F1 2021
-then click on file, open, choose 2021_assetsgroups, f1_2021_vehicle_package, teams, wep, fom_car!
-choose butlers, akkermans, or jacksons car
-replace the D File, S File (Paint)
-replace Steering wheel D File, Steering Wheel Decal File
-replace Wheel D File and S File
-Click on File,Save !!
-Again CLick on File, Open, go back to teams and you can see 4 myteam cars(honda, ferrari, renault and Mercedes) choose the engine you are using in myteam mode!!! VERY IMPORTANT!!
-Now repeat the procedure you did it before!!! change all things you changed in FOM_Car File!!!
-Save it and Enjoy:D

-Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/svenf1creator/
-Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@_f1un1verse_?lang=de-DE
-Twitter: https://twitter.com/svenf1creator

Latest reviews

this is my favourite ferrari livery and a very good mod just wish it was to replace the ferrari team car
Incredible work it looks really good i'm just sad it is not to replace the ferrari :(
Nice one Mate! Keep up!
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