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F1 2021 REALISTIC SPONSORBOARDS: Netherlands 2.0

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Well, it is that time of year again! The new Formula 1 game has released, which means I am back with my realistic sponsorboards. There is not a lot more to say than that really, but I hope you enjoy!

This mod will replace the old, default F1 2021 sponsorboards with realistic sponsorboards showing the most up-to-date sponsors for the 2021 Formula 1 season.

- I always recommend you to create a backup of the default game installation, but it is not required to use this mod.
- Logo placement ingame might be different to logo placement in real life due to limitations of how the texture can be placed ingame.
- I am a modder, and not a magician - and any discrepancy with the sponsorboards are due to the texture mapping limitations. If any logo is missing or placed wrong, it is due to mapping limitations.
- This mod is drag and drop only (see the readme file for instructions)

- F1 2021 boards changed for Heineken 0.0
- Fanatec boards changed for Aramco
- Aramco bridge changed for correct layout
- where energy is opportunity boards changed for Aramco
- Emirates FLY BETTER decal at Turn 10 changed for correct look
- F1 2021 decal at Turn 13 changed to Rolex
- Kerb color changes to correct colors

- Completely reworked entire mod (textures, logos, colors, quality etc.)
- Made more realistic


Please do not redistribute this mod, or any part of it including textures, logos or screenshots. Please do not upload this file, or any part of it to any other website without explicit permission from me. Please report bugs via a PM before posting a one star review about it, it may be a misunderstanding or an easy fix.

Feedback is as usual very much appreciated!

Please also consider following my Twitter!


Latest updates

  1. Completely reworked

    - Completely reworked entire mod (textures, logos, colors, quality etc.) - Made more realistic

Latest reviews

Great mod as always but for any reason the curbs are red again in my career mode. In time trial it was orange, in career mode red and now it's also in time trial red again. All the adboards are still from your mod, do you know why this could be?
It's gonna take me a while to rate them all, but all these are worth five stars.
Like already in F1 2020 this mod (i mean all tracks) is always 5 stars worth because it adds much more realism to the game.
Great job mate!
very nice work! thank you!
Love these mods as they add so much to the realism and that's very important if you want to make a series. You are missing Italy though out of the track calendar one of my favorite circuits because its pedal to the metal the entire time almost
Thx :)
nice work
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