F1 2020 TV Broadcast Leaderboard

F1 2020 TV Broadcast Leaderboard 2.0

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I'm still very gladly to present my "F1 2020 Tv-Like" leaderboard dashboard v2.0!!

The idea is to make a Leaderboard who looks as close as possible to the international tv broadcast of Formula 1.

- Laps completed/remaining, driver names, team colour.
- Interval time gap between the drivers positions, dynamically changed if the driver is "IN PIT" or "OUT"
- Fastest lap icon and time.
- Coloured icon for Gained/lost position.
- Dynamic screens for Safety car, VSC and checkered flag conditions.

NEW IN 2.0!
- Support for My team mode. The leaderboard adapts itself for 20 or 22 drivers
- Added some animations and screen effects for nicer view.
- Added "Current Tyres" screen
- Added screen for "Gained / Lost"positions
- Added a blank last screen for intentionnaly remove the leaderboard, and have better visibility, mostly in cockpit camera view.
- Added "Fastest lap" images and data
- Bug Fixing

What's planned for the future:
- Yellow/green flag graphics.
- Compatibility with qualy and practice sessions
- Compatibility with Multiplayer

Any suggestion or feedback is very welcome!

If you want to buy me a coffee, a donation will be kindly appreciated. Many late night hours were invested in this project. :sleep::sleep:

I DO NOT teach how to use Simhub. There's already a wiki Simhub wiki for the basics, and a discord server for further help if needed. I will only can give support on my own leaderboard.


1.- You need to install SimHub software for the Leaderboard to work.

Can be downloaded from: SimHubDash

2.- Also, GarySwallow's plugin is needed to make the leaderboard works.
You can find the resources and installation instructions here:

GarySwallow Plugin & Dashes

3.- Download the .rar file and extract the content with WinRar or 7-zip.

4.- Double click on the file "F1 2020 Leaderboard v1.0 by Santial28.simhubdash" and follow the on-screen steps.

5.- You can find the Leaderboard in "DashStudio" section, under "Dashboards" tab.

6.- Profit!

Special Note:
For "My Team" gamemode, you need to set your Driver and Team Name in GarySwallow's plugin options as it shows in the following image:


Many special thanks for GarySwallow, Romainrob, VoiD, and all the people in SimHub's Discord who helped me with the code to make this leaderboard to work!




Latest updates

  1. Update 2.0

    Changelog: v2.0 - Support for My team mode. The leaderboard adapts itself for 20 or 22 drivers...

Latest reviews

exelente mod. para cambiar netre las diferentes pantallas como las de los neumaticos o las posiciones ganadas hay que tocar algo o es automatico?
y otra consultase puede cambiar el color de los equipos ? el que aparece al lado de los nombres. muchas gracias
Works as advertised. Great mod.
That is absolutely amazing! Nice work!
Is there a way to change the colour of the bars indicating the team colour? Like changing the bar of the 2 Racing Point drivers from pink to green if I have an Aston Martin skin installed?
Como puedo entrar a GarySwallow's plugin? entro a additional plugin, y solo me sale open simhub sdk
hola yo abro la cosa y me dice esperando el inicio de la carrera cuando ya empezo esta misma
It is awesome, but if multiplayer support will come it would be amazing. I have League and they really want to see themselves like that in online. I'm streaming:)
En primer lugar, enhorabuena por el fantástico trabajo. En mi caso funcionando correctamente en rFactor 2, aunque tengo un par de dudas:

1 - Creo que me la puedo responder, pero me gustaría que confirmases que sólo funciona en la sesión de carrera, al menos a mi, en sesiones de práctica no me muestra las posiciones.

2 - No me sale el color de los equipos, todos los pilotos salen en gris. ¿Debo hacer algo para que tome el color o no hay nada que pueda hacer en rFactor 2?

Un saludo
Gracias! me alegro que te haya gustado. Por el momento, solo muestra las posiciones en carrera. Practicas y qualy estarán para futuras versiones.
Para el color de los equipos, utiliza el plugin de garyswallow (descarga e instalación en la descripción), pero desconozco si ese dato puntual es compatible con el rFactor2

i cant get it do show up in game plz help
i have been trying to install the leaderboard thing but i just will not work for me could someone help me out please :)
How do you cycle through the different pages of the overlay?
Una cosa me va perfecta la leaderboard pero lo de gained positions y lo de current tyres no me sale como lo pongo?
Son diferentes "screens" en Simhub. Puedes cambiar de una a otra con las flechas, o programar simhub para hacerlo con alguna tecla del teclado (o volante, o lo que sea)
Love this plugin for simhub,

just one question, it doesn't seem to work in practice and qualifying, do I need to change it to one of the different screens for it to work?

Thanks! i'm glad you like it!
For now it's designed to work for the race only, but i'm working and designing the qualy and practice leaderboards, as the data/values are slightly different.
It will be ready for the next version.
Best free F1 leaderboard
hi bro i am spanish so y translate this in google translator.
the leadearboard is excellent but it is too small for me how can I enlarge it
Hola! Me alegro mucho que te guste el Leaderboard. Puedes modificar el tamaño si pasas el ratón por la esquina inferior derecha, y agrandarlo al tamaño que gustes, y luego activar el modo "overlay" (el que queda todo transparente)

Works okay, one thing that would improve this alot would be rotating statistics - meaning it would show you the time difference, tires, places lost / gained etc in rotation :)

Maybe it's just my preference idk!
Enjoyable to use, just slightly too big but I guess it is like that when it's 22 drivers lol

Keep this up! :)
Thanks! The rotation screns is a thing that i had in mind, could be for future updates. Also, you can resize the leaderboard to fit to your needs (in the right lower corner, without overlay mode)

Great job. But how do I do the information transitions in the table?
Thanks! If you mean how to change the screens to see tyres and/or the positions, you have arrows in the leaderboard to do it, or bind a couple of keys in simhub to do it with your keyboard or wheel.
Salut , Tres bien mais je n'arrive pas a le faire fonctionner , cela me donne le tableau mais il es vide . J'ai regarder la télémétrie dans le jeu tout est activé , peux tu m'aider ?
Salut! Merci pour votre avis. (je ne parle pas français, j'utilise Google Translator, excusez-moi s'il vous plaît). Rejoignez la discord simhub et nous pouvons vous y aider avec la télémétrie
bonjour c est vraiment genial ce que tu as fait.c est le top
par contre je l ai installe sur simhub,et il ne fonctionne pas dans le jeu.pourrais tu m aider d avantage?je te remercie d avance
Bonjour, merci pour votre commentaire (je ne parle pas français, j'utilise Google Translator, excusez-moi s'il vous plaît)
quel problème particulier avez-vous? tu ne vois pas les valeurs? ou vous ne voyez pas du tout le classement?
Essayez d'utiliser la "fenêtre sans bordure" et vérifiez si la télémétrie dans le jeu est activée.
N'hésitez pas à m'envoyer un message privé, ou rejoignez Simhub Discord si vous avez besoin de plus d'aide (le créateur de simhub parle français :))
In My Team mode does it work 100% yet? For my name is Arthur. Abbreviation is ART but in Leaderboard the abbreviation is SWC. Thank you for the great work <3
Thanks Arthur. You can set your name and your team name in GarySwallow Plugin settings, under "misc" tab.
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