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F1 2019 Ultra grip & car stability Update 2

For helping to drive

  1. StrongestFish
    -More stability
    -Wet grip equal default dry
    -Dry grip increased
    -Affect to AI and player
    -Improved ABS and ATC settings included
    -included files for copypaste with default skins and Xml for manual installation if you use skin mods
    -Only for actual F1 cars
    -Works on game v.1.08

    Works in:
    Career, Grand Prix, Championships

    Instruction for manual installation for playing with any skin mods:
    1.Install skin mod first.
    2.Download Ego ERP Archiver here:
    If you do not want to pay, then click little line "No thanks, just take me to the downloads"
    3.Open folder Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2019\2019_asset_groups\f1_2019_vehicle_package\teams and find erp file of each team.
    For example Ferrari: Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2019\2019_asset_groups\f1_2019_vehicle_package\teams\ferrari\wep\ferrari.erp
    Open erp file in Ego ERP Archiver, click Xml files -> import, and choose xml file from mod.
    Mercedes - it is special case. For this team you should import mercedes.vtf.xml into each team ERP instead of mercedes.vtf.xml which located there.
    5.Save and repeat for each team.
    6.Enjoy. Good luck ! :)

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Recent Reviews

  1. Kevin Shingleton
    Kevin Shingleton
    Version: 1.05
    Thank you for this awesome mod!! :)
    1. StrongestFish
  2. Schwarzgruber
    Version: 1.05
    Спасибо за обновление товарищ!!!
    1. StrongestFish
      Author's Response
      Рад стараться !
    Version: 1.05
    Thanks for this. What is the delta time beetween this mod vs the default lets say the Mercedes car in a quali lap? How many seconds? 2-3? or even more?
    1. StrongestFish
      Author's Response
      Only 1 second in dry conditions and 10-15 seconds in wet.
  4. OnscheGHTV
    Version: 2019-07-10
    That is so great, thank you. I have a body disability and i play with vjoy to map on my mouse. With your mod is this much better for me.

    The rain physics are maybe little bit too easy now, even for me, but it's okay.

    Still one question: Is it possible to make a kind of steer assist? Not much, just a bit like in Forza 7, for example.
    1. StrongestFish
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)
      Steer assist - I don't think that's possible.
      Also AI slow in the rain for everyone, Codemasers will fix this with patches.
  5. Schwarzgruber
    Version: 2019-07-10
    Oh yeahhhh!!! Bolshoe spasibo bratan! ;)
    1. StrongestFish
      Author's Response
      Hurray ! :)
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