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F1 2018 MOD names of drivers 2018-10-15

No permission to download
This is just the names of drivers and photos
skins you already has
Only problem is that there is still Marussia and Caterham because I don't know how to remove it
It would be update in future
But i would love to see other moders work on this game
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4 stars for the efford but you have to remove FRONTEND and DATABASE for it to work. Also when I open the database.bin file all the f1 names are the old 2012 ones. How can I put the 2018 ones? thanks
well i'm not working on that mod anymore
i play my f2 2018 mod, and maybe with time i would make some 2019 mods
Can you use to make a small change on a Caterham livery and turn it to Benetton 1995 Skin?
Finaly i xan play 2018 thanks man
Soooo ****ing yes thank youuuu
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