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Helmet Sebastian Vettel Mercedes 2019-03-09

If Vettel joins Mercedes possible helmet

  1. KaleF1_CRO
    Hi everyone
    this is helmet from my mod of fantasy career that is now in season 2024...
    So, in this career Vettel drove for Mercedes in 2022 and 2023 and secure 2 3rd positions in standings
    For 2022 i made this helmet and i really like it, hope you would to
    if you want me to upload more stuff like car skins or helmets from that mod please tell me

    Vettel Mercedes helmet - Copy.png

    2024 team and driver list

    Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Honda
    25 Jüri Vips
    10 Pierre Gasly

    Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow
    91 Mick Schumacher
    16 Charles Leclerc (last season champ)

    Castrol Renault F1 team
    12 Jack Aitken
    3 Daniel Ricciardo

    Monster Mercedes AMG Petronas
    63 George Russell
    33 Max Verstappen

    Audi Racing
    55 Carlos Sainz Jr.
    5 Sebastian Vettel

    Coca-Cola McLaren Renault
    6 Anthoine Hubert
    20 Kevin Magnussen

    Rich Energy Haas F1 team
    14 Pietro Fittipaldi
    95 Giuliano Alesi

    Alfa Romeo Racing
    21 Callum Ilott
    99 Antonio Giovanazzi

    RBS Williams Racing Audi
    19 Juan Manuel Correa
    18 Lance Stroll

    Whitmarsh GP Honda
    31 Esteban Ocon
    8 David Backmann

    Scuderia Toro Rosso Honda
    23 Alexander Albon
    15 Dan Ticktum

    BWT Racing Point Mercedes
    11 Sergio Perez
    2 Sergio Sette Camara

Recent Reviews

  1. Rockness
    Version: 2019-03-09
    Nice work!
    And about your question...i really would like to see that Ticktum Toro Rosso helmet as an skin :)
  2. ClassicRacer4
    Version: 2019-03-09
    Great work
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