F1 2018 Invulnerable player car(suspension+wings or suspension only) 1.2

No damage

  1. StrongestFish
    This mod makes player car invulnerable (also work with classic cars).
    Included versions:
    -for suspension only
    -for wings & suspension

    Player still may have a puncture and mechanical failures

    Maybe useful if:
    - you want to enable simulation damage settings only for AI and dont want to crash yourself;
    - you're tired of crashes and dont want to use flashbacks;
    - you're using super-realistic-extreme damage mod and dont want to crash yourself
    and etc.

    Copy .erp file only for the team you will be driving for, if you want to change the team - restore original file and copy another team's file. For manual installation do the same things but with EGO ERP Archiver.
    Included erp & xml files for modern cars and xml for classic cars.

    Only damage settings changed

    Note: it affects your teammate too
    Mercedes file placed in common.erp, not in mercedes.erp
    Game version: 1.15
    English description by PiMoNFeeD

Recent Reviews

  1. grirvan
    Version: 1.1
    This works great. Allows me to drive aggressively without suffering terminal damage at the slightest error, but yet still allow damage to occur on AI cars. Great job.
    1. StrongestFish
      Author's Response
      Thank you :)
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