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F1 2018 Formula One + Nascar mix (with Carnage mode) 2.5

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(english is not my native language)

This is first chapter of Fun series: Formula One + Nascar mix.

How we know, dirty air blocks most of overtakes. So what if fully delete dirty air?
Then overtakes will be endless! It reminds oval superspeedways racing like Nascar but at ordinary tracks of european type.

It's only cars mod. For more unchained AI recommended use this AI mod:

Increased grip and car stability. Normal braking and car performances. Brake early and carefully while slipstream. Don't fear lose positions - you easily win places back and loss again.

Basic option: carnage mode with realistic damage. But it's like Dark Souls of autosport games world :D, so included invulnerable cars option for player. For using this: copy only file of one team and drive for her. For mercedes use common.erp, but not mercedes.erp.

Installation: just copypaste files or use xml's for manual installation if you have skin mods.

Gameplay by AETERNO Veloce:
Pure fight:

All my mods for F1 2018:
AI brakes later
Classic cars replace modern
Unchained AI
Invulnerable player car
Panoramic and top-down view
Realistic damage for classic cars
Survival russian roulette
More pit-stops for AI and player at any race distance including 5 laps
Ultra grip and car stability
Safety cars racing
Equal engines
Moto Formula
Chaos mode
Antigravity cars
Bigger & wider slipstream for classic cars
Formula One + Nascar mix(100 overtakes per lap)

Note: any mods don't corrupt savegames. Tested many-many times by myself and another modmakers with hundreds of modding changes & experiments while career walkthrough since release of game.

Write suggestions, comments and opinions in "Support" section of mod page. Any feedback welcome :)

Greetings to VK F1Ego Community ;)
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Latest updates

  1. Changes

    Returned normal braking and team performances because previous version was too easy for player...
  2. 2.0

    Fully reworked. Changed description. Mod renamed.

Latest reviews

Yes, Love the new update, the previous one was too easy XD this is awesome, great work as usual
Cheers :)
goooood but why it look like we go 52000 kmh ?
It's zero drag while slipstream :)
this is amazing,thants alot mate
Sorry for late answer, mod fully reworked now, enjoy !
Very fun to play, wish it were like this in real life, so many overtakes
That's a reason why a make this :) (sorry for late answer)