F1 2017 Mod (English & German)

F1 2017 Mod (English & German) 2.0.1

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I edited the Force India skin. Now the driver numbers look more accurate.
Sergio Perez:

Esteban Ocon:
I added the Haas Monaco Skin and the new driver numbers.
Valtteri Bottas:

Sebastian Vettel:

Kimi Räikkönen:

Daniel Ricciardo:

Max Verstappen:

Sergio Perez:

Esteban Ocon:

Fernando Alonso:

Stoffel Vandoorne:
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I fixed a problem with the VJM10


i fixed some bugs with the Force India and Red Bull

small mercedes fixes
I edited the STR12, now it looks better
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I uploaded the wrong Sauber skin but now its the right one
I edited the Haas logo at the front of the Haas car.
Now the car skins have a higher resolution → better quality
I added the american flag to the Haas

and I edited the Williams livery

Heikki allowed me to use his Renault R.S.17 skin so I added it to the mod! Take a look on the skin and rate them:
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a small Sauber Skin change
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I added some Force India Sponsors:
FXTM, Kingfisher, Uralkali, BWT, HYPE Energy Drinks and Johnnie Walker

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I added the Mercedes, Red Bull and Toro Rosso Skin and I edited the Force India Skin
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I added a version of Ricciardos 2017 helmet
I added the english version and I am currently working on a brazilian and italian version
I added the pink Force India Skin
I edited the Haas Skin
I fixed some bugs with the Haas and Sauber Skin and added the Force India Skin

I added the 2017 Haas, Sauber and Ferrari car skins

I fixed a problem with the car skins
I edited the driver numbers:
Bottas - 77
Stroll - 18
Hülkenberg - 27
Wehrlein - 94
Vandoorne - 2
Ocon - 31
Gutierrez - 21
Magnussen - 20
I added the red martini colour (williams car)

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