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F1 2013 MOD SEASON 2021 1.3.1

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Added the official helmets of Gasly, Norris, Verstappen and Russell.
- Database rework: increased the performance of Tsunoda and Gasly, while reduced the performance of Vettel.
- Added the official helmets of Perez, Bottas, Tsunoda, Ricciardo and Mazepin.
- Some of you reported game crash in v1.2, it was due to the raceload.jpk file, so I re-added the file from v1.1.
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- Added the real 2021 liveries.
- Added the 2021 helmets of some drivers. (Hamilton, Stroll, Alonso, Ocon, Raikkonen, Giovinazzi, Schumacher)
- Added the faces of some drivers but it is not perfect (Sainz, Norris, Leclerc, Verstappen, Russell, Stroll)
- Added the drivers' 2021 teamwear.
- Updated the minicar logos for all teams.
- Updated Haas' team logo and team name.
- Reworked the drivers' performances in the database file.

*NOTE: I will not change Mazepin's flag to neutral.


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- Added the Portimao circuit for the Portuguese Grand Prix (based on Jerez).
- Changed the grass' color to sand in Saudi Arabia, to create a racing-in-desert feeling.