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F1 2013 MOD SEASON 2021 1.3.1

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Hi guys :)
This is the 2021 season mod for F1 2013 game.

What this mod contains:
- Official drivers & teams of the 2021 season.
- Real 2021 liveries.
- Some official 2021 drivers' helmets.
- New tracks according to the 2021 revised calendar: Bahrain night, Portimao (based on Jerez), Austria, Russia, France (based on India), Azerbaijan (based on day Singapore), Netherlands (based on Estoril), Mexico (based on Korea), Saudi Arabia (based on Hockenheim).
- 2020 sponsors on some tracks.
- Revised career mode according to the 2021 calendar.
- 2020 pitcrews' and racecrew' suits.
- 2021 drivers' official teamwear.
- 2020 teams' garages.
- Graphics update (new logos, new drivers' images, etc).
- Reworked AI car performances. Now the battle from first to last is nuts when the lap times are around 1 second between the fastest and the slowest. That means Mercedes will not win every race; Alfa Romeo, Williams and Haas won't be always battling at the back; and sometimes a midfield team can slot themselves into a podium spot or even contend for the race win.
- Reworked the tyre wear of the teams. The worse-placed team last season have less tire wear.
Alfa Romeo
Alpha Tauri
Aston Martin
Red Bull

- No Halo. We could only mod the liveries NOT the shape of the cars. But now it is possible to have the HALO finally.
- Season Challenge mode, Hard difficulty is unplayable.
- Scenario Mode is unplayable.
- Pitcrew, racecrew suits and garages are from 2020 season.
- Safety Car is invisible when we go near it.
- The audio names are from the 2013 season.
- Cars have 7 gears.
- Career mode has only 19 races per season.


HAPPY PLAYING :D:cool::thumbsup:

Latest updates

  1. Additional helmets

    Added the official helmets of Gasly, Norris, Verstappen and Russell.
  2. 1.3 update

    - Database rework: increased the performance of Tsunoda and Gasly, while reduced the performance...
  3. 1.2 update

    - Added the real 2021 liveries. - Added the 2021 helmets of some drivers. (Hamilton, Stroll...

Latest reviews

Como faz para colocar ele no jogo?
Good job dude! Awesome mod thank you
will you make an update where you can replace canada with styria?
also pls add turkey and and canada at classic tracks and use imola and estoril at classic tracks as imola and portimao and also make zandvoort as china
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
i'm too lazy to remake the tracks again all of them were made in 2020
It is very well done, all very well done but there is one thing that I do not like and that is that the williams, haas and alfa romeo go many times to q2 or q3 inclusive, and that the mclaren almost always end in q1, if you can. make that more realistic, the rest very well
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
i dunno what happened in ur gameplay, but the gap has been made much closer so there are more surprising results. maybe the mclarens encountered too much traffic in their runs
good mod but the new track like portimao and jeddah aren't working. do you know how to solve this?
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
have u copied the track files into the game yet?
I liked the mod overall. But it doesn't make sense when the likes of Mazepin, Latifi, Giovinazzi etc. get podium finishes with inferior cars, and it really kills the enjoyment you get from the mod. Hope this gets fixed. Other than that, there's nothing else wrong in this mod.
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
that can't be happening, there must be a lot of chaos during ur race; I don't find anything wrong here during my races: Mercedes and Redbull are biggest contenders for the win every time.
This is really good now.

Couple of things: is it possible to add new wide kerbs to the Classic tracks like they have at Imola for example? You can't make the most of fast 20xx cars otherwise.

Also Portimao would be better as Estoril. They're basically carbon copies even in the same country. Also Zandvoort is kinda like Jerez type wise, sandy too even though it's in Holland.
when i try to play the added tracks either on career or gp the game loads eternally and doesnt proceed, what did i do wrong with the unzip/execution part?
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
just restart the game, if it still loads forever like that then repeat
vey good job!
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
"I am a big fan of your works"
Tom Stallard to Carlos Sainz Jr.
Now, its me yo Thang Nguyen.
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
No crash with v1.1 raceload.jpk
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
okay use v1.1 raceload.jpk file then
just downloaded and still crashing after swoosh
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
c'mon crash again??
i think the problem is the base data, not the track data
coz i try the v 1.1 base data + v 1.2 track data and the game runnning well
but yeah u make incredible work.. thanks.. :)
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
i've fixed it now no crashes anymore :)
Hey mate, crashing straight after CM whoosh screen here too. Doesn't load at all.

Go back to 1.1 update and be careful this time with what you edited.
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
i've fixed it now no crashes anymore :)
amigo despues de la actualizacion el juego se bloquea se sale...
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
i've fixed it now no crashes anymore :)
After 1.2 patch, the game just crashes after the loading screen. :(
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
i've fixed it now no crashes anymore :)
Hi Thang!

Just a quick note. I started a new career with the 2021 mod, but I get more than a second in each lap, even if I play with the easiest settings. I have won the championship many times, but now the car is very slow, I cannot defend against other cars, they just overtake me and this is very frustrating. The Alpha Tauri is the slowest car for me. Will there be any update about this? Thank you for your help!
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
hi there I've just updated the mod with some performance reworks hopefully it will solve your problems
hello i like your mod but i problem but is anoying for me
on the car i got 7 gears not 8 idk why
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
hi there in the 2020 season mod cars had 8 gears but there were some problems with the performances so I reverted to 7-gear
Thank you very much for sharing this mod, it works great. Great job! Installation is very simple. You just have to download the files, unzip them and paste them into the game's installation folder.
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
I highly appreciate it!
more picture please hehehe
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
will do in 1.2 update!
Thang Nguyen
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