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F1 2012 Abu Dhabi NO BIG MOON in 100% clear dark sky 1.0

Gets rid of big "ball" in dark sky, 100% Abu Dhabi races, clear weather: smaller moonrise untouched.

  1. Salut Gilles
    For 100% clear (or 'Dynamic' clear) weather races at Abu Dhabi:

    Just one "shiny" moonrise (left untouched).

    BIG static :poop:cluster of gray:poop: in dark sky (leftover from 2011...:mad:): gone. :sneaky:


    - Backup your file
    - Download and unzip the mod
    - Copy the tracks folder in the mod to your F1 2012 folder.

    5 minutes mod (!!):
    I only used Ryder25's PSSG Editor to export the abu_moon_e.tga.dds file, then Paint.NET to paint the ugly leftover from F1 2011 (CM too lazy to do it themselves... what else is new??) all black.


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