F1 2006 mod part2 1.1 Imola and Estoril

F1 2006 mod in F1 2013

  1. Kubica 2012
    It's update (for now steering wheels+YDT test kers and drs), not something what i forgotted (ok in garages folder low_res_garages_pack.pssg yes). Later come other updates too (suits example). :)
    When you copied folders in "YDT kers and drs" to f12013 folder, top3 teams have KERS and in Abu-Dhabi everyone DRS. When you completed YDT (Young Drivers Test), copy the folders in "No kers and drs" to f12013 folder and you have no KERS/DRS. :D
    You have not part1 of the mod? Here is it: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1-2006-mod.5725/

    Update 1.1 DRS:

    DRS is AVAILABLE on YDT, it's was my mistake, I'm sorry for it. Is updated now. :)

    Kubica 2012
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