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F1 2006 Mod 1.1

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Hi, its my first mode, the season 2006 mod! :) I hope you will like it. :) Always make backup. Copy the folders in Program Files (x86)-Steam-SteamApps-common-f12013. Let's see them:
In cars folder is all car and helmet skins. Render_materials.xml is for tyre colours. Generics for tyres look. My paint is suck, you can see :D
It's only the look example on podium, than all drivers.
Many thing is changed. :D
Teams/Drivers/tier level:
Renault/Fernando Alonso-Giancarlo Fisichella/tier1
McLaren/Kimi Räikkönen-Juan Pablo Montoya/tier2
Ferrari/Michael Schumacher-Felipe Massa/tier1
Toyota/Ralf Schumacher-Jarno Trulli/tier2
Williams/Mark Webber-Nico Rosberg/tier3
Honda/Rubens Barrichello-Jenson Button/tier2
Red Bull/David Coulthard-Christian Klien/tier3
BMW Sauber/Nick Heidfeld-Jaques Villeneuve/tier2
Midland F1/Tiago Monteiro-Christijan Albers/tier4
Toro Rosso/Vitantonio Liuzzi-Scott Speed/tier4
Super Aguri/Takuma Sato-Sakon Yamamoto/tier4
2006 Calendar
2006 Performance
This folder must to Imola and Estoril.
Team logos, cars mini pictures, removed wrong way and start lights.
2006 garages for all teams, but closer to fantasy as to real :D
It's need because Red Bull and McLaren chassis is on much cars, and they have same wheel, to don't see ugly from outside, half helmet is in car example..
Naturally language changed too. Only english.

Realisticer crash mod.

No DRS mod by Melphiz: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/no-drs.812/

F1 2006 mod part2: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1-2006-mod-part2.5811/

If have any question, only write in discussion, im know the mirrors on cars, don't need to say it, them can't remove.
In Grand Prix mode "race only" is not to good, williams are in front, ferrari not... One-shot qualifying is much better.
Can't play with this mod online. Can't do scenarios.
Pictures come later.
I think i said everything. :D
Thanks the speccocc files for miki2000milos.


Latest updates

  1. Driver's pictures and no DRS

    Driver's pictures and no DRS
  2. Driver's pictures and no DRS

    I maked all drivers pictures, and removed DRS on all tracks.

Latest reviews

Everything is great but when i put the english lenguage the game crash
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Spot on mod ! Could you also make this mod for f1 2014 ?
Upvote 1
bro, you recreated my favorite f1 season almost perfectly, thx you're the best
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This is a good mod but isnt Yuji Ide-Legends f1.Pleae this driver.4 stars Yuji ide-5stras;)
Upvote 0
great Mod
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buen trabajo!!!!!!!!1...se puede hacer una actualizacion de trajes ?..por ejemplo mc'laren tiene ferrari ,en garage tambien
Upvote 0
nice my favourite mod for 2013 *-* keep up the work pls ;D
Kubica 2012
Kubica 2012
Thank You! :)))
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I have some problems, when I install the mod, the skins of the cars are in black or silver. I copy the folders of "cars" in the F1 2013 folder-cars some times,but the problems follows. Can you help me?
Kubica 2012
Kubica 2012
hmm, this problem was for none more. I will thinking about it. maybe speccocc problem, but that i dont think, because good speccocc it has, so it must be good. i have not ideas :/
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where can i find Estoril
Kubica 2012
Kubica 2012
Download the updated part2, then you have. In Grand Prix mode: French Grand Prix as Estoril
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Made top 3 on my favourite mod list! please keep on updating it! :)
Kubica 2012
Kubica 2012
thank you :)
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uniform ferrari in car mclaren , uniform mclaren in car ferrari

Kubica 2012
Kubica 2012
later, i'm a bit sick now.. i'm bad in suits :(
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Good! :thumbsup:
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very good work could you make one for f1 2014 too
Kubica 2012
Kubica 2012
i dont know more, i more will see it
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Nice one.
Kubica 2012
Kubica 2012
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thats i´ve been waiting for *-*
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Kubica 2012
Kubica 2012
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Kubica 2012
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