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Ducati and Honda Cockpit-Fix V1.0

for more realistic cockpit

  1. 007licensed
    didn't like BLACK Factory Ducati Cockpit so here's my try to get a more realistic one...
    MotoGP17X64_2017_07_26_21_31_24_675_Bildgröße ändern.jpg MotoGP17X64_2017_07_26_22_14_58_884_Bildgröße ändern.jpg

    Also the WHITE ??? Repsol Honda Cockpit doesn't seams to be realistic...
    MotoGP17X64_2017_06_30_13_09_26_814_Bildgröße ändern.jpg

    Use filemixer / remixer to install into MotoGp2017 'Mix' file

Recent Reviews

  1. MisterBitterBones
    Version: V1.0
    Looks way better than the original, thank you!
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