DS-FX Graphics mod: PP Filters, Weathers & Reshade, with Indirect Lighting and Ambient Occusion!

DS-FX Graphics mod: PP Filters, Weathers & Reshade, with Indirect Lighting and Ambient Occusion! 9.2.1

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This is the only graphics mod that makes white cars not burn shadows without sacrificing exposure, and that has Ambient Occlusion and Indirect Lighting.
AO and IL have a weight on your GPU, it's how tech works so don't give bad ratings for that. You can disable MXAO from ReShade window if you want, but the shading will be worse without it.

This mod includes ReShade presets, weathers and system graphics tweaks, all created on a monitor that has been calibrated to sRGB with a colorimeter.
If you want to donate, click this link:
https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=SGGVCGAZ2MZPN :D

A lot more screenshots here https://goo.gl/photos/TTZniR8zTitibPGJ7
Indirect Lighting Preview:
Sunny Preview:

1. Extract the content of the RAR file in your Assetto Corsa path;
2. Disable all the Anti-Aliasing Samples from Display Settings

3. Disable Depth of field and Motion Blur from Effects tab

4. Check out this video and image to understand how to use DS-FX Graphics Mod after installation.

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Other previews (latest update)


Other previews (older updates)










Latest updates

  1. Fixed the sun excessive glare

    I noticed only now that I did disable God Rays effect in my Assetto Corsa config. That's why...
  2. Many improvements in lighting, etc.

    -Big improvements in occlusion and indirect illumination, obtained also by editing the shaders...
  3. Many improvements on the presets

    -Added an effect called AmbientLight. It improves visuals very much by creating a sort of subtle...

Latest reviews

It works as intended and looks nice. I only have on question how to uninstall? Just for reference I do not plan to uninstall this but would like to know how to do it just in case. Thanks!
Delete the files that are in the zip from assetto corsa folder, then do an integrity check from steam
Awesome mod!
It isn't as FPS-hungry as I though from all the warnings, definitely a must-have.
Just make sure to delete any other version of ReShade you might have installed.
I had gbW weather mod previously and apparently its ReShade conflicts with this mod.

Thank you for putting your time into this so we can enjoy a nicer looking AC! :)
Thanks a lot for the review! Yesterday I installed project cars 2, and I found my modded assetto corsa graphics better for some things ahah
For me it is perfect. With the Oculus Rift, the class looks. Both with PP and without.

Thank you for your work
Thanks for the review :)
Remember to use reshade obviously, read the instructions for it :)
No he probado tus ajustes de Reshade, pero se agradece el trabajo y esfuerzo. saludos
Thanks :)
Nice,but too dark for me.Reverted to original.
No FPS Hit with a Geforce 1080.
It is dark and it didn't affect FPS because you didn't enable reshade... Read the instructions
Excellent, Thank You for Sharing!!!!
Thanks for the review :)
Thanks for the review :)
Colors and contrast respond better to exposure while ambient occlusion and indirect lighting give a final result that is much more natural and similar to what you would expect in reality. The price in terms of FPS is heavy but if your PC can handle it, it is utterly worth it. A true technical accomplishment that still needs some polishing but has the potential to bring AC graphics even closer to photorealism.
Thanks for the review :)
Your DSFX Present is too dark and then take a Reshade effect to make it lighter what performance costs.
Do you think it's random? Have I to explain why it's like that? Well, I will:
DS-FX preset is made to work with my reshade presets.
Those presets don't just increase brightness (that would be just hilarious), but do a lot more stuff (MXAO is what weighs on your GPU actually). Ambient Occlusion is a heavy effect on every existent game, and also Indirect Lighting is.
My mod is even lightweight, considering that it has those features.

The brightness of the PP effect is low in order to make reshade distinguish between what is a bright light and what is the brightest light (the one of the sun) in order to have WAY better glare setup, plus it's to avoid the white cars burning color.
But you come here and just rate 1 star, for a free mod, of which the description also explains that this mod is heavy.

You know what?
I hate people like you, and you make me want to stop doing anything for free. I've a job too (an indipendent one, where the more time I work, the better my products will be), and I spend some of my paid time for this, just to have your hate.
Looks really good, but while I was driving at Spa, if the time wasn't set to roughly 13:00-14:00, then my vision would suddenly be sun-blasted. Worst offenders were Eau Rouge at 12:00, Les Combes and Fanges at 15:00, and Rivage at 18:00. Didn't matter if I had weather set to Clear or Heavy Clouds; I would still get sun-blasted in those areas at those in-game times.
Can you send some screenshot in the thread? Just to check if it is normal
really nice, thanks OP. question though, in the instructions you say in-game AA must be off, does the same go for Nvidia control panel, or can AA be on there?
I didn't think about Nvidia one. You can check by yourself enabling it from Nvidia, and then enable/disable MXAO filters to see if you notice any difference. Let me know by PM please, it may be a cool workaround
AO kills my framerate on triple screens with a GTX 980, and the 3DElse wrecks my triple screen image positions (makes them duplicated side by side) - you have to turn it off.
EDIT: only now I noticed you mentioned 3dToElse. That effect hasn't to be enabled. It is only for VR users.

AO is a heavy effect, it cannot weigh just a little
It's a good graphic mod, but I mess everything up and I still do not get the best of it. Further more, while reps are running, I see kinda of a black little shadow surrounding the car.
Sometimes too dark. Sometimes not...
Be sure to use the correct preset depending on the camera
I have a bit of a problem, when I press shift+F2 nothing happens, what should I do?
...that's strange, did you extract all the content of the rar in your assetto corsa folder? Write me by PM
extract with 7zip on assettocorsa but its not in game, so what else need to do, only appear the include filters
v9 with reshade isn't available yet. v8 version consists in weathers and ppfilters
Its a good mod looks more realistic when the colors dont change , my colors change when i switch from chase cam to cockpit cam , everything whitenns up when im in chase cam 8-(
Ew, what filter are you using? Camera or eye? Eye should be better for exposure. Answer me by PM maybe
thx 4 updating i was using ur old filters with other mods combined now new update makes complete package .
Thanks :)
That's now looking correct!
Thanks :)
perfect work
Thanks :)

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