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Donington Park 2.02

Donington Park GP and National Circuits, painstakingly built from scratch

  1. Donington Park 2018

    Updated to 2018 spec

    version 2.02

    More model and texture updates and tweaks
    Re-recorded AI lines for both layouts. Should be quicker than before, particularly on GP layout.

    version 2.01 (beta)

    Fixed missing LODs on grass

    version 2.00 (beta)

    Updated to represent Donington in 2018
    Instals as a separate track so can be used without removing the 'vintage' version
    Too many aesthetic improvements to list
    Made penatlies more consistent with Kunos tracks. No penalties for running onto...
  2. Donington Park 1.15

    version 1.15

    Fixed LOD issues with fences and other objects
    Tweaked some shaders to reduce shimmering on some trackside objects
    New background environment outside track, including proper models for airport tower and power station
    Above should hopefully mean no more weird looking backgrounds with certain weather/lighting conditions
    Included much improved AI file for GP layout, many thanks to Stepy over on the Kunos forums
    Recorded new AI file for National circuit which probably isn't as good...
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  3. Donington Park 1.14

    version 1.14

    Completely new textures and shaders for grass and sand
    Improved track, kerb and surrounding textures
    Increased 3D grass density
    Fixed overexposure problem, fingers crossed
    Fixed lenient penalty situation at National Circuit Esses
    Added *no balloons*
    Added other stuff instead

    No physics changes, driving should be as 1.13
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  4. Donington Park GP and National Circuits [1.13]

    Donington Park GP & National Circuits for Assetto Corsa by Brun

    version 1.13

    Toned down bumps based on feedback from 1.12
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  5. Donington Park GP and National Circuits [1.12]

    Donington Park GP & National Circuits for Assetto Corsa by Brun

    version 1.12

    Added bumps to physics track meshes.

    Graphics improvements and optimisations.

    Included start cameras, extra track cameras and sections files thanks to Albert McSaltens and Black Wagtail (via RaceDepartment)
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  6. Donington Park GP and National Circuits

    version 1.11

    Completely retextured track. Hopefully looks better, and should have also lowered VRAM use (as well as download and install size).
    Improved some trackside textures
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  7. Donington Park GP and National Circuits

    **This download now contains both GP and National circuits. One install, but both layouts available in the launcher**

    version 1.10

    Consolidated GP and National circuits into one track.
    Corrected surfaces for runoff areas so penalties are applied correctly.
    Corrected vertex normal maps for improved shading of mid-ground and horizon.
    reorientated pit boxes to be parallel to pitlane again. AI seems to cope ok despite cars being very close together.
    Did a spot of gardening.
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  8. Donington Park GP Circuit 1.09

    Finally (hopefully) fixed the physics issues, which turned out to be caused by a bug with conflicting names in the surfaces.ini. In other words, not my fault ;)

    Thrashed the BTCC Primera all over the kerbs with no apparent issues whatsoever. Hopefully no one else has any further problems, which will be a great relief.
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  9. Donington Park GP Circuit 1.08

    Extensive remodelling of physics meshes, where are now completely independent of graphics models. I'm almost 100% confident that there are no holes, intersecting geometry, overlapping polygons or any other artefacts.
    Made all crowds 'KSLAYER5' which means they won't be rendered if world detail is less than maximum.
    Fixed shimmering windows of the building at Goddards, which was very evident at the start of replays.
    Added reflection to glass surfaces and transparency where necessary.
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  10. Donington Park GP 1.07

    version 1.07

    Too many graphical improvements to list
    Lots of optimisations. Despite the increase in quality performance should be at least equal to, if not better than previous versions.
    Much more detailed modelling of the runoffs and apexes at Redgate, Old Hairpin, McLeans and Coppice. Extra care needs to be taken to not exceed the kerbs or there is a risk of damage.
    Modified the AI line so they don't use the pit exit to get a better line for Redgate.
    Probably other stuff I've forgotten...
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  11. Donington Park 1.06

    Small update to correct the glitch with the kerb at Goddards brought to my attention yesterday.

    Fixed that and checked the rest of the track to try and make sure there are no similar occurrences.
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  12. Donington Park GP 1.05

    version 1.05

    Fixed problem near pit exit which caused collisions for cars with very low ground clearance
    Tweaked shaders for less contrast between ambient and direct light
    Added much more track-side detail
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  13. Donington Park 1.04


    Increased pit places to 24 which should allow a full grid in multiplayer*
    Textured remaining buildings
    Made cones and corner markers physics objects
    Optimised resolution and bit depth of textures where appropriate
    Improved models for all tyre barriers
    Added trackside objects, vehicles and marshals etc.
    Added LOD settings for performance improvements

    *this meant rotating the starting position to accommodate the extra spaces. The AI cope with this ok but it hasn't been tested in...
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  14. Donington Park 1.03

    Not a major update, just a few small changes...

    Fixed the pitlane issue so people running with penalties enabled won't be limited to 50kph

    Changed the sectors so they're distributed more evenly around the track. Can't remember where I got the locations for the original ones but think they may have been for the National circuit. Also made sure the objects for the splits (and start/finish line) are outside the track boundaries so it should no longer be possible to miss them.

    Added a...
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  15. Donington Park 1.02

    Major changes include:

    Re-worked and much higher resolution grass and sand textures
    Fixes to replay cameras

    Other changes

    Inclusion of pit_lane.ai
    Working map
    Addition of corner markers
    Cones and concrete blocks at the chicane to indicate it's the GP circuit
    More detailed geometry where necessary
    Other texture improvement
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  16. Track updates

    Couple of changes after feedback on the KS forums:

    Made the start of the hill on approach to Coppice less abrupt.

    Removed the camber from the kerb on the outside of Redgate.

    Also, I've re-added the 3D marbles which were in one of the previous videos. These should only be visible if world detail is on the highest setting, although I didn't get chance to check whether this was actually the case.
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