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dIrtYs ACC G27 controls.json 1.10

my favorite G27 Button Configuration / FFB in Game and Logitech Profiler

  1. new FFB in Logitech Profiler and in the Game / New Install-routine

    - the buttons were not changed
    - New Install-routine

    - open "dIrtYs ACC G27 controls.json v1.10.zip"
    - copy the two files to
    C:\Users\***\Documents\Assetto Corsa Competizione\Customs\Controls
    - start ACC and go to Options -> Controls
    - lower right to "LOAD / SAVE" and change from "SAVE" to "LOAD"
    - choose a suitable file for you

    dIrtYs ACC G27 controls.json v1.10 (my favorite)
    dIrtYs ACC G27 controls.json v1.10.jpg

    Logitech Profiler:...
  2. 3 Buttons / DD 0%

    Changelog: 1.02

    Nav: Back bottom left -short-
    left Indicator D-Pad left -short-
    right Indicator D-Pad right -short-

    Dynamic Dumper 0% (I'm still testing)
  3. ABS, BrakeBias, TC, TCC, EMAP

    Button corrected, long and short swapped
    BrakeBias up right middle -long-
    BrakeBias down right middle -short-
    TC up up -long-
    TC down up -short-
    ABS up left middle -long-
    ABS down left middle -short-
    TCC up right middle -long-
    TCC down right middle -short-
    EMAP up bottom -long-
    EMAP down bottom -short-
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