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Dirty Windscreen

Dirty Windscreen 1.0

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I created this windscreen skin to make the windscreen dirty, theres bird poo, oil and the odd fly.

I created because I didnt like an invisible windscreen in VR, although this works brilliantly without VR.

It simply replaces the DAMAGE_GLASS file in your texture folder, then adjust an ini and then, every car has its own unique effect (please back up original files).

By fluke it also adds a screen reflection effect on some of the cars!

Zero FPS hit as it is a texture. Please understand this is replacing YOUR damaged glass effect, so this will not happen in game, so back up orig files and remember your orig ini setting!

Simple Instructions:

1. Download file, extract 'DAMAGE_GLASS' and place on your desktop.
2. Back up your original 'DAMAGE_GLASS' file in your AC Texture Folder. (steam>steamapps>common>assettocorsa>content>texture)
3. Drag 'DAMAGE_GLASS' from your desktop and replace the file in your AC Texture folder (steam>steamapps>common>assettocorsa>content>texture)
4. Change the ini
to this:


The race will start with a dirty windscreen, enjoy the effect, I am very happy with it, some cars look brilliant, I will update it at some time, just wanted to get it out there...no more invisible windscreen for me )

If anyone can make a vid to show this effect would be great, I cannot do this (

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Latest reviews

mandatory mod. thanks!
Hi, very good job. Perfect for immersion. A MOD very important for me.I would put it in my next video. I hope you work on other versions. Thank you very much.
Thank you so much for doing this! I will feature this mod in tomorrow´s video and probably every one after that :)
would be a great endorsement. thank you

i will sharpen it a bit in the next update soon. cheers.

it didnt work on the shelby coupe the other day, so not entirely sure about mod cars, but generally i like the way its a simple mod that changes every single car, with no hassle
Great idea, i thought about doing a mod one year ago. But i never found a good way to go. Replacing damaged_glass wasn´t an option for me. But, it is a good start. Hope we could get a dirt effect like in iracing some time...
Hi mate, i cant seem to get this to work? is it -100 or 100 or 1.00? I've tried all of them in the ini and nothing? the original ini has 0.65

Hi. Its minus 100. If you copy and paste from the instructions, it should work, you will start the game with broken glass replaced by dirty windscreen Good luck.

Make sure you have damaged enabled in Game.

Thanks for the 3 stars even though you didnt yet get it to work ?
Nice work, many thanks! o/
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