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Dirt Rally 2.0 Dashboard/Telemetry Tool 0.6

Dirt Rally 2.0 Dashboard/Telemetry Tool

  1. StormRider850
    Here`s first alpha release of my Dirt Rally 2.0 Dashboard/Telemetry tool. It is meant to be run on a secondary monitor, I`m using small 7" monitor 1024x600 resolution. Dashboard is currently using default Dirt Rally 2.0 port: 20777. In the future I`ll enable alternative.

    The Dashboard/Telemetry resets itself automatically at beginning of each stage. If you want to see the live data and analyze your run, just record your run (both screens, game and dashboard) and you`ll see exactly how your suspension works at each bump.

    Full Data Logging
    There is now possibility to log all telemetry data to CSV file. If you`d like to do so, tick the checkbox "Log Data" and it will automatically save each run in separate file in the folder where application is located.

    Dashboard has 3 screens. Shift between HUD, Telemetry or Speed Graph modes with Numpad 0 key.

    1.png 2.png 3.png

    The tool is far from perfect and is still in heavy alpha, so you can expect bugs and quirks.

    If you`d like to see something specific being displayed, I`d be happy to throw it in. You can share your comments here or on steam:


    Here`s dashboard in action:

    So far what can it display is as follows:
    1. Current RPM
    2. Current speed
    3. Stage progress in % (upper left corner). If you are driving RallyCross each lap is 100% and adding up, so second lap will be 100-200%, 3rd 200-300% etc.
    4. Current gear
    5. Clutch input
    6. Brake input
    7. Throttle input
    8. Steering position
    9. Lap/stage time
    10. Current tire speed difference. The difference between left and right tire speed. The more you lock the differential, the less difference you`ll see.
    11. Current G-Force
    12. Current suspension position (in mm)
    13. Average suspension position (over the course of stage, reset at the beginning of each stage)
    14. Suspension travel for each wheel (gives nice overview of how good your suspension works)
    15. Maximum compression per wheel
    16. Maximum extension per wheel
    17. Suspension offset. Measured at beginning of stage in comparison to the 0 point of suspension.
    18. Current acceleration.
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