Different LUTs by RasmusP, only to play around! 0.01

This is a download package of different LUTs I create. Nothing to expect from them!

  1. RasmusP
    Hey guys,
    I played around with different LUTs for different wheel and I need a place to get them online. :)

    Current luts:
    - DD wheel 70% max force

    Download the zip file, go into the folder of which you would like to try and place the ff_post_process.ini alongside with the lut-file into your ...\my documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg\

    If you don't know what you are doing don't download it, I won't write a whole guide for what is what etc.

Recent Reviews

  1. rubencer
    Version: 0.01
    Thanks for sharing!!!!!!
    1. RasmusP
      Author's Response
      Thanks man for the review! May I ask what wheel do you use? :)