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Delage 2LCV 1923 1.15

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thank you
Awesome ! wish I could give six stars, all your 1923 cars are fantastic I just wish we had more pre war tracks to race them on.
Thanks, it's very nice!
One of the best classic cars in AC. Good job as usual!!
Love all of your releases, this might be my favourite amongst the bunch! Reading the football thing in the latest update and seeing the Hammers liveries made me laugh.... also made me want a Celtic Hoops livery haha.
need some help, for some reason the car soesn't load, someone got an idea why? same with the newest one
For the Delage, try the update I've just uploaded. For the Rolland-Pilain, go to the car folder and find the folder called 'vanilla_data', copy the data.acd in there into the main car folder replacing the data.acd that's currently there.
Nicely done. A honey gift. Thank you very much.
These 1923 cars, on any of Fat-Alfie's tracks, with a bit of rain... That's pure immersion right there.
So appreciative of all your work on these 1920s cars, Liam -- they are superb. I can't get enough of them. I've found my Assetto Corsa niche!
Nailed it again my friend. Awesome mod thanks for sharing
This one is your best yet. Realy fun to drive, the most realistic Pre-War car I tried in AC.
wonderful, thanks
and again this one is really great ! I love it !
This car, and it's associated set, are absolutely amazing. There's not much quite like it out there, and this car in Particular is quickly becoming a real favourite of mine - pairs great with the 1928 Opel Rennbahn, 1938 Donington Park, and Goodwood, if you're into some historic Motorsport.

If you have even a fleeting interest in Pre-War Motorsport, this is an absolute must.
Superb modeling, the driving is a lot of fun and the sound is exhilarating. 5/5 thank you!
Another fantastic pre-war car!!! Made my day! Please NEVER stop making these!!!
Fantastic mod!! Beautiful model, great fun to drive, and completely nailed the sound of that engine. This thing feels alive and breathing.
Strongly recommend to drive it on the new OPEL Rennbahn from @THL.