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das hi-speedvan Auricom Brew

das hi-speedvan Auricom Brew 1.0

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"Auricom with it's large pockets had no problem in buying FEISAR vans plans to build a new support fleet for their team.
However Auricom likes things "The Auricom Way". So they increased the height of the van for the purpose of making it... bigger.
This fantastic example of pure ingenuity from their engineers came with a convenient added bonus.
When these vans were put to work on their beer brand transportation fleet, they were able to increase the supply of beer to their thirsty client by 70%.
On the downside 3 old car journalists, living in the delusion they were still middle aged, went to one of their factories to test the van and consequently never left. Close to 30% of the stock was reported _missing_, just in the first year."

das hi-speedvan Auricom Brew livery inspired on Wipeout series team Auricom.

The archive contains 3 file sizes:
1024, 2048, 4096 (for the really close photos).
Each size is inside a different folder of the archive.

There is also 3 versions per size: clean, normal, race.

On the photo I'm showing: rally version @ 4096px.

s02.png s01.png
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